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I listen to music. Sometimes, I get opinions. These are those opinions.

Favorite bands

Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Meshuggah, Cloudkicker, Steve Reich, Isis, maudlin of the Well, Rush, Gojira, Boris, Battles, Opeth, Devin Townsend, and too many more to list.

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The Tangent

Le Sacre du Travail
Inside Out (2013)

If there's anyone who can make the mundane interesting, it'd have to be progressive rockers The Tangent. As evidence, I cite their newest album, Le Sacre du Travail (The Rite of Work), which is a five-movement, hour-long piece of music encapsulating the variety of emotions in the typical Westerner's work day.And it certainly succeeds at that project--bland concepts and trivial lyrics are … Read more


Crypts of Dissimulation
Independent (2013)

Indian quintet Fragark have one of the bossest names for a death metal band ever. (Cheat sheet: it comes from the name of the sword wielded by Irish sea deity Manannán mac Lir, and literally means 'The Retaliator' or 'The Answerer'. Chills, I tell you.) But when it comes to music, their 2013 debut, Crypts of Dissimulation, falls squarely into "average" … Read more


Relapse (2013)

Ulcerate are one of the few bands that can honestly claim to have invented a genre. (Well, a subgenre at any rate.) Blending equal parts atmospheric sludge and technical death metals, the freaky Kiwis sparked a huge following of bands eager to try the same thing. And though they haven't really changed their style much over the years, no one's … Read more

A Storm of Light

Nations To Flames
Southern Lord (2013)

A band reinventing itself is not an uncommon occurrence, but a successful reinvention is, and the more drastic the shift, the less likely it is to succeed. There are some notable success stories, but let's face it, not every band can have the graceful chance of being, say, Anathema. One of the most recent bands to take the chance and reinvent … Read more

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The National Lights

Interviews • February 17, 2014

Way back in the far gone year of 2005, Jacob Berns and Chris Kiehne got together to record a small set of songs that, beyond their folksy, love story exterior, betrayed a dark and horrific substance. Accompanied by the lovely vocals of Sonya Cotton, those songs became the National Lights's debut album, The Dead Will Walk, Dear, released in 2007 … Read more

The Ocean

Interviews • November 30, 2013

The Ocean is a monstrous band--and not just by their formidable reputation. The band has seen scores of members come and go over their life span, but one figure has remained a constant presence over their thirteen-year history: frontman Robin Staps. We at SPB had the distinct honour of asking him a few questions about the band, their new album … Read more

Anders Johansson (Diablo Swing Orchestra)

Interviews • September 19, 2012

If you happened to read our review of Diablo Swing Orchestra's Pandora's Piñata, then you'll know that we here at SPB think pretty highly of the swinging metalheads out of Sweden. That's why one of our writers jumped at the chance to send a few questions to the band. The verbose bassist of DSO Anders Johansson was more than kind … Read more

Marc Euvrie (The Eye of Time)

Interviews • May 6, 2012

SPB was recently presented with the opportunity to talk with Marc Euvrie, the man behind the excellent album The Eye of Time. Unfortunately, your writer lives in Vermont, a glorified expressway between New York City and Montréal, and Euvrie happens to reside in France, which is apparently on an entirely different continent. Rather than letting this critical setback hamper us, … Read more

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The Progressive Music Awards II: Futile Sequence

Posted by Sarah • September 2, 2013

It's that time once again! The fabled Progressive Music Awards are tomorrow night, and I've spent the last few weeks getting myself familiar with the best of the best in this year's progressive scene. Here are my thoughts, predictions, criticisms, and general sputterings about this years' selections.ALBUM OF THE YEARI'll … Read more

Sarah Deconstructs the Progressive Music Awards Nominees

Posted by Sarah • July 4, 2012

Well, it's high time that progressive music got a good, high-ish-profile awards show, and now, thanks to Prog Magazine, we have one. The bad news is that it stlil shows signs of being the fledgling event that it is. So based off of the nominees for this year, here's my … Read more

Rock on the Cowbell Slowly

Posted by Sarah • April 14, 2012

There are a few cultural constants we all come to understand depending on where we come from, and growing up in Vermont is no exception. Amongst other things, many develop an unnatural appreciation for not having to smell cow shit. More common, however, is the universal love for Ben and … Read more

Catholic Dating Sites

Posted by Sarah • February 17, 2012

I know we don't usually review websites here at Scene Point Blank, but we just couldn't help ourselves after our editor in chief Loren received the following request: Hi,I'm Pheiné, contributor to a site called only site exclusively dedicated to providing Catholic singles with helpful information for safe online … Read more

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Dream Theater reveal cover art, tracklisting of new album

Posted in Records on July 9, 2013

American prog metal band Dream Theater have revealed some delightfully pretentious details of their upcopming eponymous release. In addition to the minimalist cover art, the band has revealed the tracklisting (including movements of individual pieces), which you can find after the jump. In case you weren't as disappointed with their … Read more

Karnviool announce details of third album; release music video

Posted in Records on June 14, 2013

Australian prog rockers Karnivool have just released a whole mess of details on their upcoming album. Asymmetry will have fourteen tracks spread over 67 minutes, and will be released on 19 July. The band has also announced a European tour in support of the album, as well as released a … Read more

Dream Theater announce new record

Posted in Records on June 6, 2013

Roadrunner has announced the newest studio album from American progressive metal band Dream Theater. The eponymously titled Dream Theater, the band's twelfth studio album, will be released on 24 September, with the usual array of formats and special editions (CD, 2x LP, special edition CD, and a box set). Read more

Karnviool release new song

Posted in MP3s on May 20, 2013

Australian progressive rock band Karnivool have released a new track, "The Refusal", their first piece of fresh material in four years. You can listen to it over at Metal Injection, where it's available for free download. The song is the first track from their upcoming album, though they've been playing it … Read more