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Let's Get You Somewhere Else

Philadelphia’s Luther have been quick to grab attention. The band, formed just two years ago, has played on some high profile tours and just signed with Chunksaah Records to release their debut full-length after last year’s Siblings and Sevens EP. The new full-length, Let’s Get You Somewhere Else was recorded by the Bouncing Souls’ Pete Steinkopf.

A four-piece, Luther play an emo-influenced melodic punk. To sum it up in far too few words, think somewhere between The Get-Up Kids and The Gaslight Anthem, with some Jimmy Eat World thrown in for good measure. Influences on the record range, but the general sound comes down to winding emo guitars and prominent, clear, and melodic vocals from singer Phil Warner. Think if you stripped the Springsteen classic rock out of Gaslight Anthem and then inserted early 2000s emo movements in their place. The end result is a heavily melodic, up-tempo record that’s constantly tapping its foot to singalong-heavy songs, led by Warner’s pronounced and effective vocal inflections. “Heavy Money” and “The Second Star” are standouts of the style and “A Quiet Stretch of Weather” and “Sunset Sugar” carry a poppier base that keeps pushing that positivity across. Warner’s ability to channel emo tendencies without bogging it down with drama firmly sets the band apart. A read of the lyrics sheet (if one had been included) would be a bit of a damper on the record’s more upbeat tone, I’m sure.

Even though the band has a clear stylistic approach, the songs vary from tune to tune with the tempos rising and falling, for example slowing things down with “The Glory Bees,” and bringing the pep in others, like the punky “The Farmer and Her Wife.” The connection between the songs is in Warner’s delivery and honest tone that permeates the album. The lyrics come across as personal, yet relatable in a general fashion that can pull an audience together.

Generally, this style isn’t my bag and Luther won’t be much of an exception on my home-listening playlist. However, there’s something they do better than many of their peers, and the positive energy that Let’s Get You Somewhere Else expounds has a real feel of integrity and urgency that overcomes some of its more dramatic moments. The pounding drums and the ability to change their sound up between songs gives a more palatable ring that has it growing on additional listens. Fans of the style are sure to eat this one up.

7.0 / 10Loren
KFAI - Roar of the Underground
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7.0 / 10

7.0 / 10

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