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End Measured Mile

This has been one the more highly anticipated records within the punk and hardcore scene in this year. How does a band overcome scene hype and shit talk to make a true album. The question is how does a band that has released to strong EPs parlay that into a complete full length. Many bands tend to fall short by making the songs longer or just not creating a strong ebb and flow movement from song to song. This makes for disappointment and a faulty record to say the least.

MDAM start off very strong with a heavy rocker of a song in “Unknowingly Strong”. The dynamics are great as they work with the same intensity that their best songs have thus far all leading to a remarkable climax. The band don’t slow down there as the next few tracks run through you taking short breaks to work up the tension but sticking to their heavily HWM indebted formula.

By the third song everything is fully clicking with a strong presence of back up vocals throughout. Each riff ebbs and flows with everything locking together in stride. The songs move perfectly across the course of the album.

This is an album that was written in a smart way as the songs flow together well. Each song feels as it is sequenced into the perfect order. The production is clear enough that it doesn’t take or add anything to the songs. Everything feels clear without being compressed.

This is a perfect example of a debut album the band shows improvement in their songwriting and attention to how the album should move along. This is all done without sacrificing the things that got them to this point. The band sounds mature well beyond their years with improved dynamics within the instrumentals. The vocals only add to the Hot Water Music comparisons as they are traded off but in reality the main vocals have a gruff and forceful edge to them that makes the words cut that much deeper.

The whole package works together perfectly as the artwork feels fitting when the songs are playing. The band seems to have paid attention to every facet of this album not only in regards to the songs but the presentations as well. This is a sign of a serious and mature band. Anyone that loves music should be able to enjoy and appreciate the effort and thought put into this release.

Standout Tracks:

"Unknowingly Strong"

"Transparent Seas"

"Nights The Only Time Of Day"

8.7 / 10Jon E.
KFAI - Roar of the Underground
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8.7 / 10

8.7 / 10

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