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Through The Never Soundtrack

You had to be there. In the grand scheme of box-office existence, Through The Never was a blip. The release was limited, as was apparently, the appeal. Despite all this, It was well worth seeing. It looked fantastic, the sound mix was great. It was possibly the most immersive concert-film experience ever. But, sadly, It will never be credited as such because it wasn't financially successful enough to warrant such accolades in the eyes of the media.

But this is not a review of the film, this is a review of the soundtrack, which is comprised of the songs recorded live in the film. As the first official live album release from the band (in this case, official meaning a live album available via other media outlets outside of, the band's catalog is well represented with tracks from Metallica's latest, Death Magnetic and reaching all the way back to Kill 'Em All. The setlist isn't perfect and neither is the performance (I'm looking at you Lars, you lovable sloppy bastard, you) but there's certainly enough metal potency to satiate the majority of their oh-so-fickle fan base.

7.9 / 10Kevin Fitzpatrick
KFAI - Roar of the Underground
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7.9 / 10

7.9 / 10

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KFAI - Root Of All Evil
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