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Anti-Cosmic Tyranny

The history of A.M.S.G. (or Ad Majorem Satanae Gloriam, or For The Greater Glory Of Satan) is one that is filled with darkness and the actions of vocalist/guitarist Angelfukk Witchhammer are dubious to say the least (Mr. Witchhammer has spent some time in prison and wrote this album during a period of incarcaration) and yet the duo have found ways to incorporate that sickness into the music and allow the absolute energy of the shadows to flow through Anti-Cosmic Tyranny. Witchhammer is the main force of the group and it’s through him that the sly, serpentine essence of blackness is channelled; whether that’s via his extremely knowledge-filled lyrics or the sheer presence that his creation commands, but A.M.S.G. is certainly a band that demands your attention.

“Black Rites of Black Shadows” hazes into life on noise-led structures and demonical vocals before the track kicks with fairly simple guitar heavy sounds – think a less intricate Inquisition in terms of musical scope – but a definite sense of otherworldly fire. Angelfukk Witchhammer’s vocal style is raw and harks back to the glory days of black metal but A.M.S.G. are by no means aping the greats, their sound is unique in the current scene and the Canadian’s have a true sense of identity – particularly when the curious sax (?) section leads a dissonant passage of mind-bending oddity – which allows them to breathe terrifying moments of insanity into the proceedings.

A.M.S.G. will not appeal to everyone as their sound is harsh and without compromise and often takes unexpected turns which can make it quite difficult to follow. But the challenging nature of Anti-Cosmic Tyranny is what makes it so exciting and an experience that rewards on multiple, as loud as possible listens. “Reincarnation of the Sun” descends into clashing rhythms of hell and the almost chant-like cadence of Angelfukk’s voice is a mesmerising and hallucinatory ordeal and when the music turns completely on its head and evokes a strange, Deathspell Omega discordance, a weight feels lifted onto your shoulders and the world doesn’t seem quite as it once was.

Anti-Cosmic Tyranny travels from every semblance of total horror to another and often throws up odd little moments that threaten to derail the atmosphere before pulling back at the last second – “”Gnosis Granted From the Bloodline of Fire” and “Heretics and Ashes” both pass through sections of sound that are out of place in the grand scheme of things yet their inclusion makes perfect sense to a mind such as Witchhammer’s and in turn to the listener who is following this journey to complete and utter destruction. "Blood Bone and Blackthorn" closes the album on notes of unrestricted dread and it's likely that you'll look back on your time spent with Anti-Cosmic Tyranny with an expression of pure confusion and the “what the fuck just happened?” mantra running through your head. It’s an overwhelming record. Embrace it if you dare.

8.0 / 10Cheryl
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8.0 / 10

8.0 / 10

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