Past Is Prologue

Zegema Beach Records (2020) Dennis

Naedr – Past Is Prologue cover artwork
Naedr – Past Is Prologue — Zegema Beach Records, 2020

Sometimes I just can’t remember how something got my attention in the first place. One such example is longboarding. I picked it up somewhere, but I can not remember what made me try that. And I have been quite devoted to long distance longboarding. You might think I would remember why I started, but no. The same is the case with Past is Prologue, the debut album of Naedr (pronounced as Nadir, in case you are wondering). I don’t know why I looked into this band, but once I did I was hooked.

Naedr is a band from Singapore, a country whose hardcore scene is largely unknown to me. I could not name another band from that scene other than Sial (a band with whom they have about nothing in common). Naedr is a new band, but the individual members have previous band experience. All in bands whose names did not ring any bells for me. I am lazy as can be so I have not researched their recording history, but I can tell you that their experience in other bands has paid off. If you would have made me guess I would have never have put my money on this being a debut.

After a short intro to set the mood, the album kicks of with “The Waltz Of Fate”, a blistering and straight forward screamo attack. This is the kind of track that grabs you by the throat and will not let go. “The Prodigal Son ' is largely cut from the same cloth, although this track is spiced up with a bit of emoviolence. This short and explosive song is the shortest song on the album. After this the album starts to derail. And I mean this in a good way. Things start to get more and more emotional from here on.

When the sixth song “Asunder” starts I even hear post-rock influences. The melodies in this song remind me of Mono to be precise. Giving “Stalker” a spin or two and you might agree with me that Envy has left it’s marks on this album as well. I am not an Envy connaisseur, but the mix of spoken and screamed lyrics remind of The Fallen Crimson.

This record has two faces or two halves to be precise. The start of this record is blistering. It’s emotive, but very raw and in your face. Gradually Naedr adds more emotion. Preparing you for the other face they show on this album. Where they expertly mix post-rock into their sound. The amazing feat accomplished here is that Naedr makes it sound like a very logical progression.

To me this also means that this is an album to be listened to in its entirety. Don’t pick out one song to check it, that ruins the whole experience of the album. The build up of this album is essential for the experience. This is an amazing feat if you ask me, a feat that takes a lot skill to pull it off successfully.

Had I heard this album earlier this would have been high on my year list. That’s a bit unfortunate. This however, does not stop me from telling you to check this out now and let this album wash over you. You'll thank me later for pointing you in tht direction of that cathartic experience.

9.0 / 10Dennis • February 15, 2021

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Naedr – Past Is Prologue cover artwork
Naedr – Past Is Prologue — Zegema Beach Records, 2020

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