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Goodnight, Tomorrow

Needles//Pins are one of those hard bands to pin down. They just sound like what rock ‘n’ roll is supposed to be, you know? It’s catchy, gritty, relatable, and working class. It’s to the point without being mindless or jingoistic.

Goodnight, Tomorrow is their second LP, the follow-up to Shamebirds (2014). The first record is an enjoyable romp, but it had moments where it got too repetitive. This time around, it’s a 12 song, 34-minute release with one song under two minutes, one over four, and the rest in between. It’s punk rock with a working class undertone that keeps on track.

The songs are mostly first person, about feelings, experiences and universal concepts from daily life. “Time and Tide” is one fitting example, which begins with the descriptive phrase, “From grief to groan,” something that captures the overall tone of the record. While Adam Solomonian sang with some swagger on Shamebirds, it’s a little more resigned this time, fitting in with that everyman tone that runs through the songs. Ultimately, it’s a record about accepting the world as it is, and finding room for comfort amid the challenges. It’s cynical but open to new ideas.

Musically it’s verse-chorus-verse and chord-driven, with the hooks digging in and pulling the listener through the record without resistance. While Solomonian doesn’t have much vocal range, the tone and tempos vary enough that it’s never a detriment—another improvement from their record of three years ago. In “Sleep” he stretches the vocals with self-incriminating, storytelling lyrics about getting drunk on the porch instead of going out on the town. Elsewhere, he makes the most of his voice through inflection, using a pained cry at the start of “Untitled (You’re Fine),” flexing his voice to fit the emotion of the song. The pop harmonies are limited but they break through time and again, as in “Pressure Points.”

The press release cites Stiff Little Fingers, which has some truth to it. It’s harsh and weary, with pop sensibilities cutting through the tough veneer. It’s not as aggressive as SLF, but it’s a good reference point on tone and accessibility.

7.6 / 10Loren
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7.6 / 10

7.6 / 10

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