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The djent movement is still the "next big thing" in metal music, meaning that there are a lot (and I mean a LOT) of new bands coming up from the woodwork every day. However, in sifting them through, it's always been a safe bet to check out the new releases from Basick Records, who have a pretty good track record for scooping up worthwhile progressive metal bands. However, I'm still baffled at their decision to bring No Consequence into the fold, as it's clear from their 2013 album IO that they are not quite up to snuff.

Far from the creative minds that sprung acts like Chimp Spanner and Uneven Structure, No Consequence seem perfectly content to regurgitate djent tropes at face value without a thought put toward any ideas of their own. Everything on IO feels mindlessly regurgitated, from its predictable chugs and vapid lyrics to its aurally aggravating nu metal-esque tenor. Only the album's incessantly furious pace serves to keep you from realizing just how little there is to hear on this album, let alone its significantly smaller worth. But even then, it doesn't exactly help that there are twelve tracks on the album, which only highlights how similar and retraced the entire album is.

Despite the overall quality of the album, there are undeniably a few things that No Consequence yet do well. For one, IO actually sounds wonderful to the ears, a detail about which many djent acts are more than willing to forego consideration. Judging from the musicianship, it's also clear the band is comprised of capable, even talented, musicians who know the genre well. The holdup is that their talent isn't put towards anything intriguing; what engagement there is to be had from IO is either based in amused distaste or ironic patronization, scarcely genuine enjoyment. (The lone exception to this might be the track "Sentient", a surprising and fascinating piece in its own right, which gives me hope for the band's future.)

Despite the few things they do right, it's albums like IO that give the genre a bad name. And for a good reason: ity sounds like (near) literally every other album out right now. And without significant quality (or even novelty) to make it stand out, the most I can say in its favour is that, well, at least it isn't physically painful to listen to. No Consequence may yet have their day, but IO isn't it.

4.0 / 10Sarah
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4.0 / 10

4.0 / 10

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