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Oozing Wound

High Anxiety

Chicago’s Oozing Wound have been riding the thrash train since their inception in 2011, yet this trio are more than just that label, instead they are a band that incorporates many different aspects of the metal world into their music and in doing so create high energy vibrations that enable them to put their points across in a fun and friendly manner despite the heavier subject matters simmering under the surface.

Their fourth full-length is a spritely 34 minutes of running time but they pack a lot into the half an hour of music on offer on High Anxiety, “Surrounded by Fucking Idiots” kicking things off in a suitably outrageous tone. Lyrically the song speaks of being, well, surrounding by fucking idiots, but it’s not just that Oozing Wound have a way with humorous titles, but more an outlook that the world is pretty trash right now and their outlet is to sing about how bloody stupid people can be in the face of facts and science – “Birth of a Flat Earther” is a particularly vitriolic look at how idiotic those people truly are.

While Oozing Wound are known for their thrashier sound, they are also embracing more experimental aspects and in “Birth of a Flat Earther” they indulge in sludgier tones before spinning the song into psychedelic territory and giving the crunched down guitars room to breathe. Zach Weils’ voice is ravaged to within an inch of its life and on “Riding the Universe” he brings dynamism to the fore with a performance verging on manic while the guitars below reach for the high notes and the cosmic zenith.

High Anxiety is a record that shows Oozing Wound have improved and worked hard since their early days and its testament to their power that these songs were recorded live in four days in the studio. You feel the raw energy spilling out of each note and Weil’s voice is a forceful and commanding presence over the vibrant nature of the music. High Anxiety may speak of how fucked up the world and many of its people are - facing oblivion has never sounded so good.

8.0 / 10Cheryl
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8.0 / 10

8.0 / 10

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