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Texan duo Pinkish Black employ synthesised loops of terrifying, droning pulses and a deliciously dangerous swagger filters through this debut. Daron Beck’s clouded voice dips in and out of throbbing electronic beats whilst currents of perilous doom cut through the loaded atmosphere, Beck’s voice often hidden in the murky depths of the all consuming sounds layered by cohort Jon Teague with crashes of drum and snatches of cymbal. This is darkness at its most sublime and menacing. Pinkish Black are a singular entity, calling to mind bands such as The Birthday Party, Suicide and waves of post punk terror, yet they stand quite apart from these influences due to the sinister and contemporary tones found within debut Pinkish Black.

Using synth to manufacture deep and rumbling bass tones (the legend goes that Pinkish Black took their name from the colour of the walls after their bassist took his own life), the band drive a forceful hum through opener “Bodies in Tow.” The ominous manner in which the track proceeds echoes nightmarish memories of dreams past, Beck’s vocal sweeping in both downbeat gloom and a gentle passion. The inclusion of a bizarre sample on “Everything Went Dark” from cult TV show Snuff Box goes a long way to show that Pinkish Black work completely outside of any box you would like to put them in. This group can switch from being a little mischievous and a little playful with some aspects of their debut yet that distinct undertone of morose obscurity is never far away.

Despondent shades of funeralistic doom crack the hues of night on “Tastes Like Blood” and this track reverberates with an almost Urfaust style of vocal, which comes infused with tinges of the great Scott Walker. Closing on the terrifically psychedelic “Against The Door,” Pinkish Black ends with oscillating vibrations of noise and trippy as heck wails of synth.

Pinkish Black are going to destroy your entire mind. And you will be thankful for it.

9.0 / 10Cheryl
KFAI - Undead
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9.0 / 10

9.0 / 10

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