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Too Pooped to Pip

Sounding like the result of glue-huffing fourteen-year-olds being let loose in a recording studio, Too Pooped to Pip, the 2015 demo from Baltimore, Maryland’s Post Pink, contains some of the most crude and snotty punk rock I’ve heard in quite some time. It may be surprising then that three of the group’s four members are female: listening to the singer holler these hideously immature lyrics at the top of her lungs in as unrestrained a manner as possible frequently makes the album quite comical. With sparse instrumentation and a very raw sound, there’s an amateurish vibe to this album, but considering the band’s name can be abbreviated as “PP,” that almost seems to be the point.

While the aggressively discordant “(S)hit” and jerky dancepunk of “Crampy” (in which the singer asks if she can get head then demands a “bubbly bubbly bath”) almost downplay the songwriting ability of the players, comparatively-restrained album opener “I Want to Believe” has a warm, singalong chorus that ultimately convinced me that Post Pink can make more easy-to-swallow, well-crafted tunes when and if they want to. All in all, Pooped is rambunctious and enjoyable - provided one isn’t expecting it to be a masterpiece.

6.5 / 10Andy

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6.5 / 10

6.5 / 10

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