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Quintron & Miss Pussycat is a project like no other. They call it “Swamp-Tech,” from New Orleans, and it’s dance rock with otherworldly, high energy vibes and puppets. With 16 full-lengths, most of the instrumentation up ‘til now has been on organ and homemade synthesizer.

It pretty much has to be heard to be understood, and perhaps seen to reach that next level. Goblin Alert is the group’s first studio record since 2011, and it features some changes. For those into name dropping, it was produced by Greg Cartwright (Reigning Sound/The Oblivians).

On the surface this sounds like dance music with big hooks, repetitive beats and chanted vocals. None of that is incorrect, but there’s also a psych-out mindwarp vibe, playful back-and-forth vocals and an unpredictable current throughout. It’s both repetitive and bouncy, while managing a natural human heartbeat and vitality that bleeds out of the speakers. There’s a subtle punk attitude buried within that bounces between snark and politics. Oh, and most importantly, Goblin Alert is the group’s first release with a human guitar and drummer, which intensifies everything.

The lead single to this album, and the first song of eight, is “Teenagers Don’t Know Shit,” and it really sums up everything positive about the group: it’s catchy; it makes you move; sometimes it sounds intense and, at others, it sounds silly. As noted above, the addition of Sam Yoger (BabesAJ Davilla) on drums and Danny Clifton (Room 13Jane Jane Pollock) on hollow body guitar, gives an extra depth to the sound that really serves it well. “Teenagers” kicks off with a banger, while “Buc-ee’s Got A Problem” and “Stroller Pollution” exhibit the psych-out dance fervor that’s defined the group since the start. It all wraps up with “Weaver Wear,” a wall of sound crescendo of tongue twister alliteration, atmospheric organ, and shifty grooves.

The tempo slows from time to time, letting the organ steer the ship instead of the big beats. Tracks like “Where’s Karen?” are necessary for variety and sequencing, but they can feel a little too atmospheric -- pushed to the background, if you will, from the more upfront numbers. “Block the Comet” straddles a middle-point between those two worlds. It’s mid-tempo with a super busy beat, spacey organ, and a whacked-out vocal chant that for reasons I can’t articulate make it a personal favorite -- I honestly think it’s just because it’s so weird. Which might be the best summary yet of Goblin Alert.

8.0 / 10Loren
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More info: The band is hosting a livestream on Halloween.

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8.0 / 10

8.0 / 10

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