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Radical Fun Time

There Is Only One Race The HUMAN RACE EP

What’s in a name? Radical Fun Time. Well, it is radical. Just take a look at that artwork. Someone had fun with that! It hurts a bit on the eyes, but someone had fun. And sometimes you can judge a book by it’s cover. This sounds like a bunch of guys having a good time. I picture a couple of guys that are angry about society and life (and probably the system and the man as well), enjoy various extreme (or radical if you will) musical genres and pick up instruments in someones garage.

After listening to this EP a couple more times anyone should (all for you, my dear reader) I’ve come to the conclusion that some things are better left unrecorded. That may come off as a bit too harsh, but hey, it’s time to be radical!

Radical Fun Time plays some kind of fast hardcore with different influences thrown in the mix. Vocal wise it’s all over the place. Some strange kind of screechy voice is (over)used, but on the vocal department there’s a (gore)grind influence at some points. The tags on their bandcamp will tell you that you should be able to detect anarcho tribal peace punx and crust in there amongst others. The crust part is lost on me, but you’ll find anarchy in there! These guys do whatever pops in to their heads it seems. 

The production is really low level do it yourself style stuff, but that’s probably what you would expect from what you’ve read earlier. I did entertain myself with the song titles. What to think of: “CHEMTRAILS - Aluminum Barium Dust: A Synthethic DNA In A Toxic Aerial Spray”. That’s not only one of the longest, absurd titles I’ve come across in a while, it is also the longest song on the EP. And unfortunately it drags on a bit too long with a not too interesting mid tempo part. 

Spending time with this EP has not been the radical fun I had hoped it to be. I am sure the band itself had fun with it though, so I can only hope this grumpy old man does not stand in the way of a Radical Fun Time. Sorry, guys! 

4.5 / 10Dennis
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4.5 / 10

4.5 / 10

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