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The Blue And You

The mind is a wonderful thing. Memories can be triggered by different stimuli. If you have ever watched The Chef's Table (a series about the chefs and their motivations to do what they do best) you will have seen many chefs confess they make food that reminds them of the food they ate in their youth. And that eating that food brought them back to happy memories of their childhoods. I will admit being a foodie, but food doesn’t do that for me. Music however does have the power to make me time-travel. In my mind that is.

Enter Regarde. Regarde play the kind of emo that I listened to for a short period of time when I studied. I was a bit tired of metal at that time and emo was exactly what I needed then. Bands like Further Seems Forever and The Juliana Theory still hold a special place in my heart. And this is the exact corner of the universe where Regarde operates.

Regarde is a band from Vicenza, Italy that released their second album with The Blue And You. I would have probably never noticed them if they hadn’t been released on Through Love Records (and Epidemic Records), a label I am watching closely as they released records of two of my favourite screamo bands (Trachimbrod and Via Fondo, in case you are wondering). Regarde plays something very different, but it is quite the ear-worm. I gave The Blue And You a lot of airtime this past couple of weeks and there are a couple of things that need to be shared.

The first thing is the warm and crisp production. Every instrument has enough space in the mix to really shine. What I especially like is the depth that is added by giving the bass so much room in the mix. It is a driving force for this record. It also adds some warmth that is much needed for this style.

The second thing I noticed that really impressed me is how every song has its own character. Regarde succeeded in tying everything together and making this more than a collection of songs, it’s an album. Regarde covers a whole spectrum of emo music and presents it to you in 33 minutes. I hear Further Seems Forever and The Juliana Theory in some songs (“Everything You Said” and “Small Talks” are examples of this). Turnover, Jimmy Eats World and Title Fight are reference-points one can hear as well. And yet they have a sound of their own.

The third thing is the beautiful artwork. It is simple and really strong. It has a certain graphic novel like theme. This theme is continued in single and video “Small Talks”.

Lyric wise the album deals with subjects one might expect in this genre. On the site of Through Love Records it is explained quite poetically. Anxiety, concern and sickness are a part of everyone’s life. At one point or another you have to face them and accept them as being a part of you as are the brighter things.

This record has proven itself to be addictive. I am enchanted by the nuanced melodic emo. Lots of playtime is too follow on the short term and on the long term as well, no doubt. I highly recommend you to check them out!

8.5 / 10Dennis
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8.5 / 10

8.5 / 10

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