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Sabertooth Zombie

The Only Good Politician is a Dead Polititian

Biting through the flesh of the unwilling. Fingering eye sockets and spilling vast volumes of blood. Some want to smash the system; others want to skull fuck it with barbed wired bats, like Sabertooth Zombie, who just self-released an EP titled, The Only Good Politician is a Dead Politician. We are treated to six songs of fucked up punk/hardcore with the kind of lyrics that are carve worthy.

Remember the first time you realized the magnifying glass could be used as a death machine? Sorry, ants, but for a second I felt the kind of rush that a Giant feels the first time they've crushed a civilization. Oh wow, this reminds me of the song "Giant" that's about wanting to crush humanity as a 300-foot giant. In the fifth track, Cody barks, spits and straight up snarls the kind of lyrics that are both creative and make your funny bone ask for a smack.

But this isn't a poetry reading, this is punk fucking rock! Don't worry, Sabertooth Zombie provides the fast drum beats, dark yet gnarly guitar riffs and bass lines that'll wrap around your throat and have you begging (as loud as that's possible when you can't breathe) for more. Listen to the beginning of "Fragments" and tell me whether that's not some kick ass bass playin'. Somehow they even throw in a pop melody in "Mind Fuck Infection" and life has never felt so right.

If you've heard the 'tooth prior to this record, you'll notice three new songs ("Mind Fuck Infection," "Giant," "Out") and three old songs ("Fragments," "Eat and Shit," "Get Bent"). But that's okay because the production and recording sounds real nice. For instance, the weird breakdown in "Fragments" sounds all morbid and electric and hip-hop and weird and fucking yeah.

While there are so many bands doing the same beaten path that obviously works, its nice knowing there are bands that are trying to make the punk/hardcore sound their own. Sabertooth Zombie does this in the best way possible. Their songs still smack you in the balls/ovaries without raping every band that literally has no asshole at this point due to insistent past rapes.

If you thought that was the conclusion paragraph, I fooled you. Since the lyrics to "Giant" are so rad, we'll leave on that note. The song reminds me of why I used to like the X-Men so much.

Yo, it's these people that make me wanna smash the state, grab a building with both hands and eat it. Jump over bridges, run waist high in waste water. Belly flop into streets and alleys. Make my clothes outta suits torn from the dead bodies of corrupt businessmen and politicians....

When I walk I crush sewer systems reach up, and grab some planes / Telephone lines lace my kicks, I'm eye level with the mutha fuckin cranes / Take a walk and kill a country, turn humans into road kill, smash a corporation with an ill step, stomp a mountain down to an ant hill / Bombs I catch, bullets bounce, tanker truck legs / When your world is decimated and turned to dust I'll pull down god and make him fucking beg / This world rejects me cuz I'm 300 feet tall / So I hammer down your flag post and watch civilization fucking fall!

8.5 / 10Zed
KFAI - Roar of the Underground
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8.5 / 10

8.5 / 10

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KFAI - Root Of All Evil
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