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On paper, it’s really a miracle Saint Vitus was able to last as long as they did. The forefathers of what became “doom” started out in Los Angeles just a couple of years before the sunset strip exploded in a hail of spandex and aquanet. Surviving numerous lineup changes, this self titled opus features original vocalist Scott Reagers, who has been in and out of the band trading spots with Scott “Wino” Weinrich throughout the band’s existence. Saint Vitus never achieved any semblance of commercial success - but have been far more influential as a band of their peers, rather than a band of the people. Unfortunately this album does little to change that.

But those in the know are sure appreciate the heavy-riffage and tom pummeling akin to the genre they’ve spawned. There’s nothing original to speak of here, but when you’ve helped create an entire genre based on Iommi chords, you don’t have to reinvent shit. Tunes like "Hour Glass" and "12 Years In The Tomb" are a nice little antidote for the quarantine blues.

6.3 / 10Kevin Fitzpatrick
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6.3 / 10

6.3 / 10

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