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Shook Ones

Slaughter of the Insole

In 2005, Shook Ones quietly released their debut LP Sixteen on Endwell Records. Okay, so maybe quite a few people noticed, but I'm just trying to cover my ass for not reviewing it when I damn well should have. As a result of that stellar release this Washington state group ended up signing with Revelation Records and subsequently released this wittedly titled 7".

On the A Side things kick off with the title track, a rip-roaring and energetic number that is highlighted by blistering guitar riffs and equally as lively drumming. This track is slightly more aggressive than the material found on Sixteen. And yet, the stylistic influences from Kid Dynamite that were found on the LP are still there, though they are a bit more subtle. The second track, "So Grown Up," is still a melodic hardcore/punk song at heart, but it also contains the catchiness and rock aspects of a Taking Back Sunday. If the latter of the two new tracks is a telltale sign of what's to come, I can see Shook Ones getting huge off their next effort.

For the flipside of this 7" we are greeted with a cover of Leatherface's "Not a Day Goes By." I can't really say that I was ever a fan of Leatherface, but this cover definitely fits the musical style of Shook Ones and in the end it comes out sounding fairly righteous.

Slaughter of the Insole is an excellent tide-over until the band releases their next full-length effort this summer. If for some reason you missed out on this band before, you should go back and pick up Sixteen as well as a copy (second pressing coming out soon) of this 7".

8.5 / 10Michael
KFAI - Undead
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8.5 / 10

8.5 / 10

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