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Get The Hell

Acetate Records (2014) Kevin Fitzpatrick

Supersuckers – Get The Hell cover artwork
Supersuckers – Get The Hell — Acetate Records, 2014

There's very few bands that work as hard to bring the music to the masses as Supersuckers. They're like a sleeper cell. Without warning, they'll come out of hiding in Anytown, U.S.A. and blow shit up. They are a band that everyone needs to see live at least once - and when you do, you'll want to see them every single time they come. Every show is an event.

And when a new Supersuckers album comes out? Well shit, that's pretty much the only playlist you'll need for the next few weeks. With their latest Get The Hell, Eddie Spagetti and company continue their tradition of meat and potatoes rock 'n roll, but even more impressive - they continue to make rock 'n roll fun.

Let me tell you something folks. Rock came very close to never being fun again with the death of Joey, Johnny, Dee Dee and Tommy Ramone. Thanks to bands like Supersuckers, the fire still burns bright through tracks like "Fuck Up", "Gluttonous" and "Disaster Bastard". They hold the standard high for those that can't hold it up anymore.

Special note:
Folks, as much as we love the music we do, sometimes you need to show it in more ways than buying an album. Supersuckers frontman and ultimate badass could use your help to curb-stomp cancer's sorry ass. Click here to read the story and to make a donation.

Supersuckers – Get The Hell cover artwork
Supersuckers – Get The Hell — Acetate Records, 2014

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