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On the Steps of the Temple

There is one readily surprising thing about Arizonan post-metallers Temple: despite the loud ensemble sound projected in their music, the entire album is the result of the work of just two musicians. Unfortunately, that's just about the only surprise to be found on their otherwise unremarkable 2012 debut, On the Steps of the Temple.

The issue is that, for all of its interesting atmospherics, On the Steps of the Temple is a phenomenally boring album. The compositions seems bare and sparse, without any real meat or life in them. Sure, the repetitious chords and phrases create an effective atmosphere, but it's one that quickly becomes tired and overdone before the album is halfway over. There are good ideas scattered about, but they're either driven into the ground or stay well past their welcome. Long story short, the end of the album comes as a relief, and that's not at all to its credit.

Though there is plenty of space to be worked with in the traditional Neurosis sound, Temple haven't done enough with it to justify any interest. The band has immense potential, but they're still several steps short of where they need to be.

5.0 / 10Sarah
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5.0 / 10

5.0 / 10

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