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Keepers Of The Faith

Some of my most unforgettable moments in hardcore involve Terror. I first saw them headline a show after I trudged through a harsh January blizzard, where a 20 minute drive turned into almost an hour-long commute thanks to Pittsburgh’s signature winter weather. They played direct support when I saw one of my favorite bands, Earth Crisis, for the first time. I saw Terror play in front of 100 rabid kids at a DIY show space after opening some god awful metal tour at a big venue in town. They are a mainstay as far as my personal experiences go.

However, as of late, the band has not put out anything that I saw any worth in: I haven’t enjoyed any Terror releases since One With The Underdogs. But, when I caught buzz of what people were saying about Keepers Of The Faith, I had to give the band another chance. I’m glad I did.

The record rips start to finish. The opening track, “Your Enemies Are Mine," brings Terror back to their classic sound: the blazing drums of Nick Jett, furious speed-picking by guitarists Martin Stewart and Jordan Posner, the foundation of bass laid down by David Wood and, of course, the growls of hardcore legend Scott Vogel. The song is short and sweet, and a good way to groove into the headbang-inducing “Stick Tight." The third track, “Return To Strength," is a perfect bridge between the old Terror sound and the newer, more matured, sound of the band. Slightly melodic, yet still as heavy as anything they’ve released in the past.

“The Struggle” follows, which would have fit right in on Lowest Of The Low. Frantic stops and circle pits aplenty keep each member busy throughout the track for the first minute-and-a-half, even throwing in an outrageously shredding guitar solo. The breakdown that ensues is enough to reduce any venue to rubble. Terror throws a curveball with the grooving “Shattered," bringing to mind mid-90s hardcore legends such as Madball and Leeway. “You’re Caught” and “Dead Wrong” keep the classic Terror jams coming, with the former perfecting the sound the band was attempting to pull off on albums prior.

The title track, possibly the best on the album, steps up the game for each and every soul that attends a Terror show, offering instrumentation and lyrical content that induces both pile-ons and mosh pits. “Stay Free” and “Hell And Back” keep up the groove seen in earlier tracks on the album, pulling no punches as far as the heaviness of the record goes. The final three tracks, “Only Death”, “The New Blood” and “Defiant” are a great way to end the record and solidify the release as one of Terror’s best.

Terror has again reclaimed the crown of modern hardcore with Keepers Of The Faith. The quality of the production offered by Chad Gilbert of New Found Glory gives the record the dynamics it needs to be heavy in all the right places.

8.0 / 10Gregg Harrington
KFAI - Undead
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8.0 / 10

8.0 / 10

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