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Hardcore veterans, Terror have sold over 200,000 albums worldwide and will release their forthcoming studio album, Live By The Code on April 9th. Mixed by Matt Hyde (Hatebreed, Slayer) and produced by Chad Gilbert (New Found Glory, Shai Hulud, H20, A Day To Remember). Terror’s legacy in the hardcore scene is already built as being one of the most respectful and prominent bands involved today. This is Terror’s sixth Full Length and their first release on Victory Records. Vogel claims Live By The Code is the “dirtiest, rawest and most hardcore record we’ve done since Lowest Of The Low”. 

One of the most anticipated releases of 2013, Live By The Code delivers in every way possible. The raw aggression and formula that these guys have put together over their career continues to make gold. Full of sing a longs and throwbacks to the early sound with the metallic edge that Terror has become known for. Scott Vogel’s lyrics about betrayal, respect and sticking by what you believe may be turning into a bit of a cliché for some but it holds true every time. Live By The Code reads like the Bible of hardcore and Scott Vogel is the only man fit to preach. A rule book for how people should treat each other in the hardcore scene and what it all means to Vogel himself. This album is head banging, heavy hitting and all together powerful.

I played this album straight for quite a few days and I couldn’t find a song I didn’t enjoy which is pretty hard for me to do. Sure there’s songs that stick out more than others as being the best but I could not find one single track I didn’t enjoy. Lyrically, “Shot Of Reality” was intense. Blunt and disgusted is the tone of this song. You can feel the anger throughout and start hating right alongside Vogel. Musically, “Hard Lessons” and the Title Track are just groovy as all hell. No fan of hardcore music can listen to the openings and not start banging their head or clenching their fists. From start to finish, this album blends perfectly, maintaining the intensity but keeping each song sounding fresh. The album closes with one of the catchiest anthems Terror has put out in years. “One Blood” is the perfect way to finish off and album so clearly influenced by the old school era of hardcore. A mix of Oi influence, in your face chants and pure speed riffing is a great end to a great album.

While Terror is not breaking any new ground, you would be a fool to ask them to change this near perfect formula for the hardcore record. This is another great release to add to an already impressive career. This is sure to be blasting through a lot of people’s speakers for the majority of the next year.

9.3 / 10Keenan Harrison
KFAI - Roar of the Underground
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9.3 / 10

9.3 / 10

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