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The Damned, The Shamed

Since forming in the year 2000, Terror has been unleashing a punishing assault of metallic hardcore punk to the masses. From the get-go with their four-song demo the band has delivered an intensity, especially that of frontman Scott Vogel, that is unmatched by any of their peers.

The evolution of Terror may seem like nothing dramatic to the casual hardcore music listener, but with a careful ear one can find a shift in style as the band has released album after album over the years. While still maintaining a sound rooted in the metallic hardcore sound (Integrity, Leeway, Cro-Mags), the band has infused more leanings in a strictly metal/thrash direction over the years, never more evident than on this, their fourth full-length, The Damned, The Shamed.

Right out of the gate Terror smacks you with an assault of aggressive metallic hardcore. “Voice of the Damned” features slaying guitars of Doug Weber and Martin Stewart while Vogel spouts off on just why being a part of the hardcore community means so much to him.

“Relentless Through and Through” is equally as devastating. The guitars take on a classic thrash/crossover feel of an Exodus or Anthrax. Occasionally through the song the riffs revert to classic chug-based riffs and guitar flair of an Integrity or Unbroken. “Betrayer” could have easily have found its place on the band’s previous venture Always the Hard Way. It’s still a pummeling track but takes a groove-based direction in its songwriting, not to mention the melodic guitar interlude that chimes in mid-way through. It’s definitely a different sound from Terror that one might be used to, but after repeated listens the song fits quite well in the context of the album as a whole.

Vogel and company continues to blast through cut after cut of blistering metal-infused hardcore. Drummer and main songwriter Nick Jett never seems to miss a step when it comes to penning quality tunes. The “single” from the album, “Never Alone,” boasts a stomping guitar riff that makes for easy two-stepping as well as a crushing breakdown that will set the dance floor into a frenzy. Terror continues to mix in elements of thrash/metal into their songs, whether it is in the types of riffs they use, guitar solos, or the structure of the songs themselves - “March to Redemption” is a good example of this.

Some may argue that Terror continues to rewrite the same song and reuse the same formula with each release. And while they do stick to essentially like-minded songs, one can’t really blame them. It works for them, so why the heck would they change it? Besides, have you heard “Crush What’s Weak” yet? That’s one heck of a song; why would you want to change that?

Partnered with the lyrics are also short one/two sentence blurbs providing explanations/background for the songs. While not as in-depth as what we saw in the 90’s these extra glimpses into Vogel’s psyche allow for even more connection with his view of the world.

Bottom-line is this, Terror continue to release quality tunes that diehards in the hardcore community will eat up, but also songs that metalheads will find equally as devastating. The Damned, The Shamed may not be my favorite Terror album, but it is still a really good album, one that can energize even the most lethargic of individuals to get off their asses.

7.5 / 10Michael
KFAI - Undead
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7.5 / 10

7.5 / 10

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