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KFAI - Undead
The Ergs! - Upstairs/Downstairs album cover

The Ergs!

Upstairs/Downstairs, 2007

8.0 / 10

The Ergs are self-proclaimed dorks. The great thing is that they are dorks that can write some great hooks. Upstairs/Downstairs is simply The Ergs latest example to demonstrate their ability ...

The Estranged - Static Thoughts album cover

The Estranged

Static Thoughts, 2008

8.1 / 10

With Static Thoughts, The Estranged attempt to combine the volatile combination of post-punk and punk with positive results on the whole. The album could have been a disaster on the ...

Marked Men - Ghosts album cover

Marked Men

Ghosts, 2009

8.5 / 10

From time to time certain friends of mine will make the same kind of declarations in the month of February that I do. And when statements like, “This might be ...

Mind Spiders - Self Titled LP album cover

Mind Spiders

Self Titled LP, 2011

8.0 / 10

The Marked Men were the best band you’ve never heard. Well, one of them anyway. The beloved-by-some, under-the-radar-of-most band from Denton, TX may have taken the dreaded “hiatus” last year, ...

High Tension Wires - Welcome New Machine album cover

High Tension Wires

Welcome New Machine, 2011

9.0 / 10

Namedropping in reviews is an easy thing to do, and I’m not averse to it myself. The obvious ones for High Tension Wires come via the members’ pedigree (Riverboat Gamblers, ...

Something Fierce - Don't Be So Cruel album cover

Something Fierce

Don't Be So Cruel, 2011

6.7 / 10

Chalk up another one for the misleading band name file—Something Fierce makes me think violent and brutal, which definitely isn’t what this Houston group is after. The walking bassline and ...

Bad Sports - Kings Of The Weekend album cover

Bad Sports

Kings Of The Weekend, 2011

7.2 / 10

Bad Sports made a smart sequencing decision by opening Kings of the Weekend with “Off Switch.” The punk burner has a lot of garage noise and it rips past in ...

Mind Spiders - Meltdown album cover

Mind Spiders

Meltdown, 2012

7.1 / 10

Mark Ryan may not tour all that often, but you can’t fault the man’s productivity. Meltdown marks the second release from solo project Mind Spiders in a year, although the ...

Mean Jeans - On Mars album cover

Mean Jeans

On Mars, 2012

8.0 / 10

Whoa, is it 1994 again and someone didn't tell me? Much in the way Teenage Bottlerocket appropriated the early to mid-‘90s Lookout bands like Screeching Weasel and the Groovie Ghoulies, ...

Legendary Wings - Making Paper Roses album cover

Legendary Wings

Making Paper Roses, 2012

6.8 / 10

Dirtnap Records picked up Kalamazoo, MI’s Legendary Wings based on an unsolicited demo. Seeing that the label gave them a blind shot, why not try it myself? Well, that and ...

Low Culture - Screens album cover

Low Culture

Screens, 2013

9.0 / 10

Low Culture packs a punch. Not an angry punch, but one that, upon hearing it, your foot taps and your head bobs. The band, bringing ex members of Shang-A-Lang and Total Jock together, somewhat ...

Steve Adamyk Band - Third album cover

Steve Adamyk Band

Third, 2013

7.5 / 10

Sometimes calling something the “[insert record label]” sound is meant in a derisive way. Before the clichés came home, however, it was also used to complement a label’s stable for ...

Radioactivity - Radioactivity album cover


Radioactivity, 2013

8.8 / 10

Each time I write the phrase “garage-punk” I like it less and less. Still, how else to describe a band that blends pop-punk and garage so well? Actually, in recent ...

Autistic Youth - Nonage album cover

Autistic Youth

Nonage, 2013

7.0 / 10

I nearly died one night in the kitchen of Mexican restaurant I was cooking at. When it came time to clean up the floors at the end of my closing ...

Mind Spiders - Inhumanistic album cover

Mind Spiders

Inhumanistic, 2013

7.4 / 10

Maybe Minnesota is just a long way from Texas, but it seems that Mind Spiders are more of a studio band, releasing a record a year but only hitting my ...

Bad Sports - Bras album cover

Bad Sports

Bras, 2013

7.4 / 10

Bad Sports want you to turn it up. They play loud rock, rooted in the elements, but not tied to rollicking times or anti-authority volume, but taking that foundation and ...

Steve Adamyk Band - Dial Tone album cover

Steve Adamyk Band

Dial Tone, 2014

8.0 / 10

This is Dirtnap Records.Not to pigeonhole anybody, but man does Steve Adamyk Band hit on that pop structure, garage chaos element that defines the label.Dial Tone is the fourth full-length ...

Various Artists - Low Culture-Needles//Pins - split 7" album cover

Various Artists

Low Culture-Needles//Pins - split 7", 2014

8.8 / 10

I’ve probably said this before for those 3 people who read all of my reviews, but I feel that the 7” is one of the hardest items to review. Not ...

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