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The Get Up Kids

Guilt Show
Vagrant (2004)

So I was cruising the record store one day with my girlfriend, when I saw this record on sale for $5.97. Well ok, count me in! I had meant to pick it up anyway, so I was pleasantly suprised to find it for six measly dollars. In all truthfullness I wasn't expecting much. I had heard a few songs from … Read more

The Get Up Kids

Something to Write Home About (Reissue)
Vagrant (2009)

The release of The Get Up Kids' debut full-length Four Minute Mile is something that I recall with the greatest of ease. My sister won a contest from a record store, getting a slew of just released CD's for free. Amongst the various punk compilations and releases from bands on Epitaph, Fat Wreck, and Lookout! was said album from The … Read more

The Get Up Kids

Polyvinyl (2018)

The Get Up Kids seemed to take another break after their reunion full length, There Are Rules. Seven years later, and we're given some new tunes in the form of an EP entitled, Kicker. It may be just 4 songs, but they are arguably the catchiest they've written since before reuniting. Kicker takes out the synths and exploratory elements of There Are Rules, and it focuses more on … Read more