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The Spill Canvas

No Really, I'm Fine

Patient: The Spill Canvas

Brought in by: Sire Records, after a missed bandwagon.

Previous History/Notes: Patient claims No Really, I’m fine!. Third commitment to facility. This session a follow up to patient’s most recent visit; the One Fell Swoop incident.

Symptoms: Suffers from extreme emotional stagnation; clinging firmly to the belief that the year is permanently 2004, and as such relationships that ended around that time still hold relevant for constant scrutiny. Discourse about said relationships is plagued with crippling fits of immaturity, fully reliant on patient’s metaphorical emotive jargon. Fits typically last three and a half to four minutes, in a series of twelve, with each barely distinguishable from the next. Patient shows little to no progression from One Fell Swoop incident, but does retain the positive aspect of blues-esque guitar rifts and shows fleeting promise within music elements. These elements, however, plateau early within The Spill Canvas’s effort, repeating themselves to the point of negation.

Notes: When asked about personal life The Spill Canvas claimed No really, I’m Fine!. Seeking to prove this moniker they initially cited their “Reckless Abandonment,” a tale mainly revolving around the patient’s assumed onlookers, dubbed as ‘scenesters’ and ‘critics.’ These characters, supposedly, have not only an unabashed interest in the works of The Spill Canvas, but an ever-present vendetta against them. Though claiming themselves as unconcerned with said characters, the patient shows obvious elements of delusion as both the opinions of ‘scenesters’ and ‘critics’ remain a constant element of their work. This delusion is further continued in the assumption that a group of people beyond the age of fifteen have given any of the patient’s work enough time to formulate a vendetta against them.

Though the claim of No really, I’m Fine! continued for roughly forty minutes beyond the citation of their “Reckless Abandonment”, no other elements were note worthy. For further evaluation please see the paper on the One Fell Swoop incident. No significant progress has been made since.

Diagnosis: It is the concern of myself, as well as my colleagues, at the level of sincerity the patient shows in their shortcomings. They cling to the belief that the state of mind of the high school loser must remain as a constant source of inspiration for musical expression; going as far to say, “Bleed, everyone’s doing it.” The Spill Canvas must be held for observation, as they most definitely pose a threat to themselves and others.

4.7 / 10Graham Isador
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4.7 / 10

4.7 / 10

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