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Would you have told me 20 years ago I would enjoy music like Trachimbrod I would have stared at you in amazement only to laugh at you. Hell, that would have been my reaction until about ten years back. But I’ve learned to broaden my scope and thus have learned to appreciate a lot of different types of music. A couple of years back I was browsing through a bandcamp page of a label and was mesmerized by Trachimbrod's previous album A Collection Of Hidden Sketches. I made it part of my order together with their split with Sore Eyelids. These two records I’ve played over and over again and thus they defined, together with just a handful of other bands my view on emo/screamo. The shitty thing is: I feel I’m limiting Trachimbrod too much by pushing them in that corner. I can just as easily label them as screamo/shoegaze for example. Or make combinations including terms like post-hardcore or post-rock. This could lead to us getting too deep into a musical taxonomy discussion. Instead let’s focus on the music itself. Based on all the labels I could have put on this album you might imagine a band that is all over the place and lacks focus. You couldn’t be more wrong. Trachimbrod is extremely focused and have clearly found their niche in which they feel comfortable. 

What does that niche sound like? Partly like a mix of Via FondoRaein and Suis La Lune, but this again is not a good way to describe what’s going on on this album. Let’s try again... Instead of putting their guitars on 11 Trachimbrod feel really relaxed. The guitars twinkle along creating jangly melodies over a solid bass foundation. The drums deserve a special mention. They really make a difference on this album (and their previous material). What’s going here is so much more than just taking care of a solid rhythm. The drums really help to set the mood right. The vocals are a mix of clean vocals and (mostly) screamed vocals (hence the screamo reference). There’s enough variety on the album with only these ingredients. Some songs are a bit more airy others more chaotic sounding without being downright chaos in musical form. 

I can imagine the screamed vocals can drive people away from this band. To be honest, if the relaxed mood of the music wouldn’t have put me off in the past it would be the combination of this music with these vocals. Also, the vocals aren’t the strongest part musically. But… they do help you cross the language barrier. 

This statement needs some explanation. The whole album is sung in Swedish. I don’t speak or understand Swedish. Not a single word. As such I have no clue what Trachimbrod is singing about. But I do feel it. Not because the singer is hammering his message home, but because he somehow communicates with you on a emotional level. Does that make any sense at all? I hope you catch my drift. Emotionally the vocals fit perfectly with the atmospheric palette that is created musically. Trachimbrod only needs nine songs to mesmerize and enchant you. Nine songs that completely draw you into their world.

Production wise everything is just right on this album. I strongly recommend listening this on vinyl as it sounds truly amazing that way (it’s a bit ironic that I’m writing this on my commute with headphones on playing mp3’s on my phone…). On vinyl everything just sounds a bit more full bodied. This second album is absolutely amazing. If you do like what you’re hearing, it’s highly recommended to also check out their previous material as this album is logical follow up to that. 

9.0 / 10Dennis
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9.0 / 10

9.0 / 10

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