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I've Been Thinking About Leaving You

I'll say, Troubled Coast are turning into one of the most steadfast bands I've heard. Their music has been on a consistent incline of musical quality since their debut EP in 2010, and 2012's I've Been Thinking About Leaving You in no way disappoints: it's without a doubt their most mature offering to date.

I recall mentioning on my review of their (quite enjoyable) full-length debut Letters that the extended song formats had served them well, allowing them more space to develop their ideas. They have gladly continued in that direction, as the songs on this EP are much meatier than anything they've done before. And believe me, that space is used well. Giving each of the songs the space they need to properly develop means that nothing gets shortchanged, allowing the band to fully craft the cathartic climaxes and hard-hitting rockers they've desired.

And accordingly, all of the songs on this EP are of the band's highest quality yet. “Patient Hands” in particular has a habit of getting stuck in my head and causing unsolicited foot tapping, especially during the (sadly) brief, blistering guitar solo. The other tracks aren't anything to shake your fist at either, mind you; “I'm Still a Loner, Dottie” has some perfectly-executed moments of unfettered anthemic power, and “The First Night of the New World” is nothing but six minutes of impeccable crescendo, ending in a wonderfully cold ending guaranteed to send chills down your spine. “La Jetee”, however, is probably the best track on the EP. Though it may seem like it's merely an archetypal hardcore track, it's really an explosion of equal parts grit and grease, not to mention a strong and powerful reassertion of this band's impeccable understanding of how to get their audience, to use the colloquial phrase, "fucking stoked".

I really don't have much in the way of complaints to make about this album—things have only gotten better for Troubled Coast, and if these guys can keep going on the direction they've been headed in, things seem like they'll only get even better from here on out. I've Been Thinking About Leaving You is definitely their best release yet, and if this is any indication for the band, their next full-length album is going to be a sure-fire winner. All fans of hardcore and anyone looking to get into the genre should give this EP a listen; you'll find it's worth your while.

7.0 / 10Sarah
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7.0 / 10

7.0 / 10

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