Sexual Harassment

Volcom (2012) Jon E.

Turbonegro – Sexual Harassment cover artwork
Turbonegro – Sexual Harassment — Volcom, 2012

Much could be said about Turbonegro from the Turbojugend (Their self appointed fan club), Their lyrics that tend to make not so vague references to partying fucking up and homosexuality, and their overall sleaziness. Well coming back from what had seemed like their final break up with their last vocalist Hank Von Helvete leaving to be in an industrial rock band. Well, the Turbojugend has made more of a mark than expected as that is exactly where the band found their new vocalist in The Duke Of Nothing. Following that they managed to also find a new drummer this one from the band Sereena-Maneesh. With all the parts in place the devilish Norwegians are back in full.

New members or not the band have managed to perfect a sound for themselves. Including the filth and fury of both The Stooges and Motorhead with a dash of classic glam and a hand held out to the devil himself. The band are one of the few truly evil sound rock bands out today. For all the psuedo evil or sorta goths there is Turbonegro that put them to shame with tongue remaining firmly in cheek.

The band opens strong with the opener "I Got A Knife". The song has The Duke telling of his intimate relationship with his weapon of choice and the filthy riffs give the song a sense of fury and danger. The songs stay tough throughout never truly slowing down enough to give a breath. The band play fast but allow enough space to allow the listener to in their words "shake your shit machine".

The production allows the space needed for every instrument to stay strong throughout while retaining a lead when necessary. Meanwhile the growling vocals of The Duke are a nice addition to an already strong sound. So it is easy to say that the band have against some odds returned in style. The question is if you as the listener are ready to embrace the darkness they have provided.

7.6 / 10Jon E. • October 15, 2012

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Turbonegro – Sexual Harassment cover artwork
Turbonegro – Sexual Harassment — Volcom, 2012

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