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Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes

Young Liars was one of the most exceptional releases that I have heard in recent years. It caught me completely off guard. Based on the descriptions I was given prior, I anticipated to be extremely bored. Despite the warnings of others, I went forward and purchased the album blindly. I don't regret it for a moment. Now a year later, and with a supply of numerous accolades, TV on the Radio have brought forth their first full-length, Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes for all to critique.

TV on the Radio's latest opus continues where the band left off with their debut EP, blending jazz, experimental indie rock, and electronica music into a style of music that is all its own. Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes gets you acquainted to what TV on the Radio is about as the opening track "The Wrong Way" blends drum sequences, blues/jazz guitars, and sincere vocal harmonies. In addition to lending his vocal talents, TV on the Radio mastermind Tunde Adepimbe works with musical cohorts Kyp Malone and David Sitek to construct some of the most unique and original music the record industry has been graced with in years. Things keep moving along as TV on the Radio revisits "Staring at the Sun," a track from the bands debut EP. To me this song is TV on the Radio, then again I am biased towards this song, for it was this song that was my introduction to the band. But despite this bias, the music of the song is downright perfection. The combination of the drum sequence and guitars with Adepimbe's vocals puts a smile on my face with every listen. That smile does eventually fade. The tracks "Dreams" and "King Eternal" mesh together, never setting themselves apart from each other. But the experience is saved by the organic "Ambulance," which features the underlying vocal drum work of Malone as Adepimbe sings the songs main lyrics over the top. Lyrically the album touches a variety of topics including Adepimbe's view of the black culture, mortality, politics, and yes, heartache. On "Don't Love You" Adepimbe poetically spouts "It's been said best by you / been said best before / but I just want to let you know / I don't love you anymore." The album closes with "Wear You Out," a beautifully orchestrated narrative of a sexual encounter that leaves Adepimbe begging "let me make you mine, mine, mine."

There are some really impressive tracks on Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes but unfortunately between them are some rather unsatisfactory and unimpressive songs, leaving the album to feel rather disjointed. Based on this, maybe TV on the Radio would be better off releasing only EP's. But if they continue to defy me, I will be armed with my remote control and its "next" button.

7.0 / 10Michael
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7.0 / 10

7.0 / 10

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