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I wasn’t sure what to make of Underground Railroad to Candyland when I first saw them. They were a very new band, but the style was off-kilter and different than what I expected of a Todd Congelliere (Toys That Kill,F.Y.P) band. But along the way it’s clicked, both for me and the band. Where they first seemed slogany and weird, they’re now joyously repetitious and absurd.

The People Are Home or, if song titles are to be used in direct spelling, “The Ppl R Hm,” is their third full-length and it continues where they started. URTC isn’t reinventing the wheel, they’re riding that fucker because they enjoy it. It’s joyous, party-themed music without the self-reference.

With the band, it’s a subject of tone more than individual songs, but standouts on this record include “Worried,” “Diamond Ring,” “This Is a Blind Date,” and “The Ppl R Hm.” All of these songs utilize that repetitive and upbeat enthusiasm with earworms galore and a lot of sass. Meanwhile, they spice up the record with variance throughout in “You Don’t Like the Summer,” a ballad-esque pacing that acts as a changeup and the carnival vibes of “Omstro” remind me of Nintendo music minus the keyboard. Another point where the party kicks into full mode comes in that big final moment of “The Ppl R Hm” where a trombone (?) fills in the sound, emphasizing the nostalgic calling of the song and alternately giving it a kitchen sink quality.

So…is The People Are Home a good record? You bet. Will it win over new fans who dismissed URTC earlier? Probably no way, but that’s not the point of this band. It’s not a great musical journey to get to the other side. It’s about the side you’re already on and throwing a damn party.

8.3 / 10Loren
KFAI - Roar of the Underground
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8.3 / 10

8.3 / 10

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