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Finally There EP

Finlands Van Dammes release their fifth EP with Finally There. This time it is kind of special. This EP celebrates the first time Finlands football team can join the European Championship. Congratulations with that achievement, Finland!

I really do hope your team will fare better than Van Dammes on this EP. The three garage punk tracks lack ideas and hooks. I do enjoy simple tracks, but you have to offer me something to keep me interested. Van Dammes are not doing that on this EP. It is not that they are doing something wrong, it is just that they are not doing something special. It is not very catchy nor energetic. These songs do not tell me tales about a team that is there to win, and I think that is what they were aiming for. Better luck next time?

5.0 / 10Dennis
KFAI - Undead
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5.0 / 10

5.0 / 10

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KFAI - Root Of All Evil
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6.0 / 10  Van Dammes - The VD EP album cover
200 Words Or Less

Though the band is not doing anything that the typical punk rock fan wouldn’t have heard dozens of times before, there’s definite energy and excitement in the four rowdy songs ...



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