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A.N.S. & Ramming Speed - Split

This is like a new school thrash of the titans album. Both bands have made their names being basically thrash metal bands each with their own slight twist. So you know the basics of what you're getting yourself in for. Heavy drums screaming solos and nasty beer soaked vocals. Both bands bring their best to the table and see what comes out.

A.N.S. arguably the better known of the two bands has been around for quite awhile under this and Defaced. The band play a style that is akin to older D.R.I. That is to say crossover thrash played at a relentless clip without losing the point. Where A.N.S. differ from most is a certain interest in skating within their lyrics. This adds yet another layer of fun that many thrash metal bands seem to ignore. Rather than screaming about the demons of hell it's about kick flips and circle pits. Where the band veer off of their given path is in their final song. While the rest of their side keeps things moving without any real hesitation "Roehrs' War" grinds along making the most of it's 8 minute running time.While this is a nice change of pace this does more to act as a jamming track rather than being a full fledged song.
Ramming Speed take a much more evil sounding route to their style. Meaning that while they are essentially crossover thrash the vocals sound much more death metal than most of their contemporaries. This helps them to stand out from the pack to some degree. Otherwise speaking RS are thoroughly enjoyable yet not particularly amazing band. This is the kind of band that would be fun to see play live but on record is not nearly as great.

Overall we have a nice release that shows two sides to the same coin within the crossover scene. A.N.S. acts as the wiser elder adding their own little twist to make what the love their own. Meanwhile, Ramming Speed plays the younger person playing a more obvious version of their given style. While there is nothing wrong with this the release does make it obvious to the listener how much room for growing up Ramming Speed really have.

7.2 / 10Jon E.
Radio K 2
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7.2 / 10

7.2 / 10

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Radio K 2
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