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Balsa/Sei Hexe - Split EP

Two bands hailing from the US Northwest bring a Metalcore filled split from String Break Records. Seattle's, Balsa, take control of the first half with three tracks, while Portland's all-female act, Sei Hexe, fills out the rest of the split with two tracks.

Balsa opens the EP with, "Rasputin." The track doesn't hesitate to play with the core of the song by constantly changing up the riffs and rhythm. The execution comes off a little sloppy but not entirely dreadful. The next track, "One Hoarse Town" adds a southern twist to the sound previously established, while their final contribution, "Fighting for Control," is more chaotic.

Sei Hexe's, "Safely Endangered Species," sticks closer to the Metal half of the spectrum. They come off a bit more formulated than Balsa. Their other offering, "Synapses Crawling," plays the doom card and provides the strongest song on the entire EP. Sei Hexe comes out on top between the two by being a bit more tight and controlled. If you're into loud and aggressive music, this split is for you.

6.0 / 10Aaron H
Radio K 2
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6.0 / 10

6.0 / 10

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