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ROBOCOP / DETROIT - Dead Language, Foreign Bodies Split LP

sharing similarities that reside more than just their names Robocop and Detroit both play blinding fast powerviolence indebted grind. While neither band have anything besides a name in relation to Michigan they share a relationship with Grindcore Karaoke which may give somewhat of a clue as to what the listener could be in for. 

Maine's Robocop take up the first side taking a more noisy approach to their little piece of the grind pie. So by the time track 3 opens with a bass drawl and what could either be a strangled sax line, a particularly mangled guitar or a dying cat one isn't entirely surprised but midway things go back to normal with a blindingly fast trun toward the grind that led them here. The band uses the next track to slow the pace slightly turning in a 2 step fueled hardcore rager. Then once again, failing to stand still, the band offers a soundscape that takes the listener to a murky little piece of the world covered in digitized screams. Just to make sure you don't forget what they're about they end their side with the nearly 5 minute hardcore rager " Word Virus" the song goes from hardcore to grind and back and forth for its time without getting boring at any time giving the listener the feeling that this would be a good encapsulation of the band in and of itself.

Meanwhile Edmonton's Detroit occupy the b-side. The band have made their name in western Canada's crust and grind scene and have yet to look back releasing a handful of splits and eps. They waste little time to start and end their side railing their way through 7 songs in about 8 minutes. With nary a second wasted the fastcore crew steps up and runs through 2 songs within a minute. The band then slows to a crawl for the better part of " Day After Day" creating a break of sorts before blasting into the rest of this hardcore stomper. This song marks a turning point of sorts as later on the band play with tempos and different sounds to build an atmosphere or some kind of break for the listener. This is done to great effect throughout their sides short run time. 

Overall each band shares a genre in the basic sense but within each side shows each band showing their own stamp on the overall style. This allows for maximum effect when they do go their own path throughout their particular side of this record. Each band certainly has their own place in the genre and are doing much to make it their own. We will see where they go from here but in the meantime this is a strong showing for each band as well as modern grind in general.

8.2 / 10Jon E.
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8.2 / 10

8.2 / 10

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