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Vesperith is the project of Finnish artist Sariina Tani, and a vessel in which music is used to explore the inner depths and outer limits of the mind. In Vesperith, Tani channels black metal sonics within a structure that takes in ambient textures, hypnotic vocals and psychedelic tones. When a project is born and created by the mind of one person, then the music becomes a mirror of that person’s soul and desires. There is nothing more personal than the music that is contained within and Vesperith speaks of inner struggles and finding beauty through darkness.

“The Magi” opens the record on slow, deliberate strikes on the drum while electronic pulses begin to take form beneath Tani’s vocalisations. There are no words here, not yet, and instead she creates sounds and vibrations with her voice, almost as if working through a magical process and calling for the spirits of the night. Vesperith is a record of the dark and the waves of sound that build around the voice are coloured with pitch-black effects and where the album artwork evokes a moonlit journey, so too, does the music. “The Magi” moves towards its end goal slowly, allowing the shimmering light to creep into the formations of sound carefully, exploring the realms of the night for answers and waiting for daylight to burn away the pain.

“Fractal Flesh” bursts from the silent endings of the previous track and explodes into a fiery conglomeration of black metal and ambient synths where each element fights for control. The harsh, raw vocals push against an angelic clean voice and blasting drums take command over twisting synth lines. The two opposing forces are locked in a battle for much of the song and while no clear winner is found, it is obvious that Vesperith is also fighting for control over two sides of themselves. The dark and the light are in constant flux and “Fractal Flesh” shows that an uneasy harmony can be found and through that unification, something truly wonderful can be created. “Refractions" continues in much the same vein although this time the harrowing, darker side takes to the foreground while slick, echoing synths work to create an aura of claustrophobia before “Valohämärä” and its immediate and powerful crashes of sound take over.

It’s these stark contrasts that give Vesperith its life – sounds are built and layered in such a way as to become hypnotic and the influences on the album are myriad and varied. Cinematic sweeps of synths colour the majestic “Quintessence” while later in the song the dynamic nature of the black metal influence gains ground and Tani’s voice switches into that of the more terrifying ego that lies within. Those switches are mesmerising and Vesperith is a record that is vibrant, intriguing and brutally honest with it.

8.0 / 10Cheryl
Shellshag - FUTQ
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8.0 / 10

8.0 / 10

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