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If you were a fan of White Lung's debut album, It's The Evil, for it's raw and straight forward approach, then you might be a little taken aback by the sophomore record, Sorry. They've re-evaluated their style of songwriting and have turned it into something more melodic and refined. It was all for the better though.

Make no mistake, the raw aggression is still there. It's evident as soon as White Lung kick off Sorry with, "Take the Mirror." There's a twangy riff that leads us through the song, which is backed with Mish Way's assertive vocals. She's cleaned up her tone a bit, but has in no way decided to hold back. She's still yelling at the top of her lungs. Next up is, "St. Dad," and it's a perfect mix between old and new. "Thick Lip" is probably the track fans of their debut will really appreciate. It's arguably the most fierce song on the album. Lead guitarist, Kenneth William, manages to throw in more catchy riffs in the midst of the chuggy power chords.

The catchy riffs aren't stopping anytime soon. It's becoming the signature for the album. It's perfectly fine though, because there's not a single bad riff on this album. This brings us to "Bag." You could say this is the "poppy" track of the album. It's got a chorus that just hooks you in. This was also the first time I felt like I could pick out Grady Mackintosh's bass playing as it's contrasting Kenneth's guitar licks. The more demented sound returns with, "Bunny." The lyrics only add in its favor with lines like, "you know that I dream of scrubbing your little rotten liver clean."

Ironically, the following track, "I Rot," mentions "Seattle," while its successor sounds like a Pretty Girls Make Graves song. Even though Mish Way's vocals already sound like a grittier Andrea Zollo at times, on "Glue," it's eerie how identical she sounds to Zollo. Not to mention it just all around sounds like something Pretty Girls Make Graves could have written. Maybe that's why it's my favorite track on the album. At the end of the record the strong number. "Bad Way," finds itself in a bad place stuck between "Those Girls" and album closer, "Deadbeat"--the two weakest tracks on the album. Mish Way throws in a droned out vocal style on "Those Girls" which kind of makes it a bore, while "Deadbeat" is just too short and uninteresting compared to the rest of the record. "Bad Way" brought back that signature riffage and Way did more vocally to make the song more appealing than Sorry's lackluster closer.

At 19 minutes, Sorry and White Lung managed to add a little spice to the hardcore-punk genre. It's a step in the right direction for the band and only time will tell what it does for them. The songs will bring about all your anger and have you yelling along to every word while wailing around on the air guitar. Stop what you're doing now and check it out!

8.7 / 10Aaron H
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8.7 / 10

8.7 / 10

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