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White Lung

Domino (2016) Kevin Fitzpatrick

White Lung – Paradise cover artwork
White Lung – Paradise — Domino, 2016

Since the 1980s, Vancouver, B.C. has always had a thriving punk scene, but the new millennium came in like a reaper and scythe, decimating live music venues until there was virtually nothing left.

So, in true DIY fashion, performances began in the underground parking garage of the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design, that became known as The Emergency Room.

One of the bands that grew from the ER scene was White Lung, who came in like a hurricane with 2010's It's The Evil. A true slab of brilliance.

Well, the quick-tempo brilliance continues with Paradise, the band's 4th release and their best to date. Vocalist Mish Way-Barber continues to exude her charismatic badassery throughout the proceedings, Particularly on tunes like "Dead Weight" and "Kiss Me When I Bleed". White Lung came along at the exact right time - to save both a struggling scene and to save all of us - filling in the void left by bands like Pretty Girls Make Graves. Whatever the ailment, White Lung is most assuredly the antidote.

White Lung – Paradise cover artwork
White Lung – Paradise — Domino, 2016

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