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One era that continues to be emulated is the ambiguous brand of post-hardcore often dubbed Revolution Summer. Wreath burst onto the scene last year out of the hotbed of whiskey-soaked punk music that is central Florida, the latest to give their own interpretation of the style. Their newly released debut self-titled EP quickly shows off its colors as rooted in the early Dischord days, sporting minimal guitar distortion and fuzzy bass lines. The lead vocals lean towards straightforward melodic hardcore, reminiscent of Stay Gold or Reach the Sky, interspersed with that gruff yelling that reminds me more of that Gainesville aesthetic. “Blind and Poisoned” goes a little off-script, diving into a rowdy youth crew revival style. The bolder dissonance found on “Ears Ringing” is welcome, and closer to the sound that I expected from this type of project. This isn’t is your run of the mill Embrace cover band, they sound more like a seasoned hardcore band who just wants to explore other styles.

Without more context, I can’t accurately speak to Wreath’s presence in the Florida scene, although I noticed that they have members of the forceful crust-hardcore outfit The Holy Mountain, which is the only name I recognized from their hefty resume. They feel a bit like the band that frequently gets booked on local hardcore bills, but too often doesn’t receive a warm reaction or find a dedicated following. Wreath may be a little too in between styles to find their footing, even if the grizzled scene vets love their references and continue booking them, which is something that I’ve seen happen too many times. I’m a little confused at what chord they’re really trying to strike, but five songs don’t give you much to fully assess them. There are opportunities for them to grow into something more well-defined, but that’s never what bands like this are about. Their debut didn’t thrill me, but I appreciate who Wreath is and what they stand for, which I interpret to be along the lines of continuing to start side project bands in sweaty garages, spending a lot of time in the van between shows, and embodying the attitude that no basement is too small to play. There are a few other bands that go by Wreath out there, so hopefully it won’t be too difficult to keep track of this iteration.

5.8 / 10Campbell
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5.8 / 10

5.8 / 10

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