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Xiu Xiu is one of those bands you either love or hate. They are hard to get into; they talk about some of the most socially taboo topics, and in general are just out there. To me, their music is a cacophony of amazing music. On their latest outing, La Forét, meaning 'the forest' or 'the drill', the band returns to their roots, all while keeping it fresh - really fresh.

'Clover' starts out the album - it's a soft song and this is kind of unusual for Xiu Xiu. On their previous albums there has always been some upbeat song to start off. But what 'Clover' does is set the melancholy mood that La Forét has. Jamie Stewart and Co. are drawing influence from their earlier material, using xylophones and other percussion items like they did on Knife Play. By the end of the song you feel eager for something upbeat and sassy, something that Xiu Xiu does best.

Xiu Xiu blesses us with 'Muppet Face', easily the best song on the entire album. With political themed lyrics, crashing xylophones, and a pounding beat that will send your head bobbing, 'Muppet Face' is certainly the highlight of the album. In fact it is up there with the best Xiu Xiu songs ever.

After this track, this album seems to be a roller coaster of sorts. It swings you from the very calm and melodic song 'Mousey Toy' that uses a lot of Knife Play-like percussion to the very upbeat 'Pox' which will make you get up and dance. 'Pox' is one of those tracks like 'I Luv the Valley.' It really stands out on the album and has the guitar line that will stay in your head for a while, and is a gateway song to the whole album. The album continues it's up and down trend with 'Baby Captain,' a very beautiful acoustic song that features lyrics that make no real sense. It's really too bad that this song drags on too long; I found myself skipping over this song and the following track for it's lack of melody.

Xiu Xiu revisits the song 'Rose of Sharon', but this time it's a little different. It now has a much better production is one of the best tracks on the album. 'Ale' or 'Gamecube Song' as it is called on the Xiu Xiu message boards features a really soothing melody that compliments the unsettling lyrics: 'She won't cuddle up to your disgusting feet' . 'Bog People' really kicks the mood up with a hand harp that makes this song really interesting and upbeat.

'Dangerous, You Shouldn't Be Here' and 'Yellow Raspberry' finish the album. These two tracks really fit each other well as 'Dangerous, You Shouldn't Be Here' builds up perfectly to 'Yellow Raspberry.' And while La Forét concludes on high note, one can't help but feel incomplete and wanting more. Is this good or bad?

8.0 / 10James
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8.0 / 10

8.0 / 10

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