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There are certain times when I enjoy championing bands, and Young Widows’ cause is definitely one that I find myself really enjoying. This split, their latest recording and first since 2006's Settle Down City, is something that I have been waiting for since I last saw them play when the band performed some new material for the first time in quite a while (that I had seen them anyway). Their partners in crime on this 7” record are the band Plows, a two-piece outfit from Louisville, Kentucky - surprise, surprise as these Louisville bands tend to stick together.

Plows' contribution to the split is that of "Stalker Song," a humming track that definitely has an affinity to their partners on the split; the rhythm of the track contains a great groove and has an infectious head bobbing quality to it. With a little more bass to the recording quality, the song would be real heavy sounding to the effect of almost punishing. This short (and it is a disappointingly short song as I find myself wanting to hear more) song definitely makes me interested in hearing more of what Plows has to offer, and I will be searching for more from them.

"Swamped & Agitated" is the Young Widows offering on their side of the split, and it may or may not be what one would expect from this three-piece outfit. This song begins with a sound that the band has made their mark with thus far in their existence - very rhythmic with winding and angular guitar lines that are topped off with Evan Patterson's laid back vocal style and some background vocals by bassist Nick Thieneman. At about the midpoint of "Swamped & Agitated" the music and vocals change up to bring an added element that almost feels more melodic while still maintaining enough of the band's normal feel, and this section of the track makes the song. In all honesty this is one of my favorite songs that Young Widows has written, and it barely whets my appetite for their next full-length. But if it is any indication of where they are headed with the next album, I am all the more excited.

This split is great, both bands really put up great efforts. The release itself is also excellent because Auxiliary includes a CD with the vinyl here and the packaging and artwork are pretty stellar as well. The record is completely worth hunting down and acquiring.

8.0 / 10Bob
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8.0 / 10

8.0 / 10

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