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ScenePointBlank: The past year has been a big one in the world of Fall out Boy, has it not? Tell me a little about what you guys have been up to in the past year since your debut record, Take This to Your Grave, was released? Pete: It has definitely been intense. We toured essentially from January 23, 2003 through May 10, 2004 straight with the most being off a week. Not having a home kind of changes your perspective on life. We went through three vans and three trailers; a lot of hard times and a lot of really awesome times. We went to Europe, went across the U.S. a bunch of times - It's kind of surreal cause now we can play a good show anywhere in the U.S. and we definitely did that the hard way, by keeping on going back to places over and over again. War of attrition, you know. ScenePointBlank: Before you played bass in Fall out Boy you sang for one of my favorite bands to ever come from Chicago; Arma Angelus. How has being a part of Fall out Boy been different than being in hardcore band? Was it difficult getting accustomed to a different scene and different types of kids? Pete: Ah. In the end it's not as different as you would think. Fall Out Boy is cool because it doesn't focus as much attention on negative energy, it is a more cathartic feeling. I mean there is the obvious - kids like us are a dime a dozen in the hardcore scene but here we are like fool's gold - the only cool thing about that is that hopefully we can open kids eyes to other bands they wouldn't have heard of otherwise. Also, we try to hold the same ideals that we took from the hardcore scene here. In general, not talking too much shit, but this scene is a lot friendlier- there isn't so much of an emphasis put on the "too cool for school" vibe that I found in many hardcore scenes - while that weeds out the fakes it also makes for lots of animosity. There is more freedom to experiment and stretch boundaries here - maybe its cause a lot of the kids are younger but it's nice to be around people that aren't always completely jaded. ScenePointBlank: You guys have a DVD and a new EP coming out soon; explain a little about it. Can we expect any classic Jim Grimes commentary ala the Earth Crisis DVD? Pete: Haha, well we wanted to give everyone a teaser of what to expect when we record our full length, but being on a major now - they aren't gonna let you release a full record on another label and then put out one on theirs in the same year. We still wanted to work with FBR so we negotiated an acoustic EP. I am definitely excited about it, but in the end it doesn't sound like any of the stuff we have for the new record. The DVD is way more exciting to me - I mean we filmed our antics and band from the very beginning and its so funny to look back on, we were horrible, haha. ScenePointBlank: Your fan base seems to grow in droves with every show you play' What do you think it is about your band that separates you from the rest of the bands of similar style? What is the secret of Fall out Boy's success? Pete: Haha, I don't even know if this is what I would define as successful. I'm not sure. I mean like I said we are pretty much a hardcore band lite. I think people can connect with that - we don't get up and act contrived. This is who we are. In the beginning I think it seemed weird to people, but it has grown on them. I'm not sure, I guess this question would be better to ask someone who is a fan of FOB. ScenePointBlank: I know you've seen the messageboard on the FOB site and I'm always amazed at the affect you have on the kids who listen to Fall Out Boy. Why is it that the kids seem to hang on every word you say? Pete: I don't know. It's a really strange feeling to go to sleep one night and have no one care what you say and wake up and people analyze your every word. I dunno. I just write what I think and if it makes people think or swoon than that's cool. To me it just sounds clich' and trite. ScenePointBlank: What exactly is Clandestine Industries and where did the idea come from? Pete: I used to have a nightmare growing up. This reoccurring one. So, I was dating someone for a while and I told her about it. She said I should write it down, cause that would help. Well, it didn't but as I wrote it, I realized it was a cool story. It's like this unconscious part of your mind working while you are asleep. So I have gotten a friend of mine to illustrate it and we are gonna put a book out. It's just something I always wanted to do just to see if I could do it. I dunno, it's pretty embarrassing to be 24 years old and still having dreams you have to pry your eyes open from. Check out www.clandestineindustries.com if you are interested. ScenePointBlank: Tell me about the best and worst parts of being in a band that is constantly touring. Pete: The worst part - you don't have a home. Wherever you throw your pillow is where you sleep - you can never get clean no matter how many showers you take or how much laundry you do. When you come home your friends are all a little bit different - the inside jokes are all new. You feel like an outsider, the only person who understands you are the other four guys in the van. At the same time you are paid to see the world with you friends, who could ever ask for anything more? ScenePointBlank: What's the deal with your Halloween fascination? Do you think you're Davey Havok or something? Pete: Haha. Davey Havok and Hot Topic invented pumpkins. They didn't exist before that. I can't wait till the fad passes so I can go back to being a geek by myself. ScenePointBlank: What do you want the kids to come away with after seeing and hearing Fall Out Boy? Pete: Sincerity.

ScenePointBlank: You guys seem to have a pretty full plate ahead of you; what is in the works for the future? Pete: We have an AP cover shoot, we have some big shows coming up with Blink and The Cure and stuff. I guess our headlining tour this summer will be amazing, Warped Tour and then recording our new record this fall.

ScenePointBlank: Any last words? Anything you want to say to the kids? Pete: Thanks bro.

Homepage: falloutboyrock.com Interview: Steve Kane

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