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mbd_quote.jpgScene Point Blank: It’s funny you should mention cleaning out closets because you like to give away a lot of free stuff. Are you just trying to clean out your closets, or do you just enjoy giving fans free stuff? 

Adam Turla: Yeah, I just like giving away stuff. Laughs. I know it’s cool when you get mail, so I just figured I’d include that stuff. Like, I’ll find records with bent corners or something and I don’t want to charge full price for them, so I'll put them in the package.

Scene Point Blank: You’ve done a soundtrack for a book. I know movies are something you’ve been interested in writing for. Have you thought about video games?

Adam Turla: We did a song for the game Red Dead Redemption. We sent it in, they told us to slow it down. So we recorded it again and slowed it down. Then they didn’t use it, and it was so good!

Scene Point Blank: Did they choose William Elliott Whitmore’s song over yours?

Adam Turla: I don’t know. It’s cool but it’s only in the game for like 20 seconds.

Scene Point Blank: You should release that song.

Adam Turla: Maybe we will. I didn't put it on Skeletons because I may want it for an album.

Scene Point Blank: Ok, why haven’t there been any food blogs lately?

Adam Turla: Just lazy. Sarah’s going to do one soon on some place from Tucson. We’re eating at the same place that inspired the first one tomorrow.

Scene Point Blank: What’s the greatest thing you’ve ever eaten?

Adam Turla: Oh man. I dunno. I eat it all: Italian, Mexican, Thai.

Scene Point Blank: Have you had Ike’s in San Francisco? It’s a sandwich place on Market between Sanchez and 15th. By far the best thing I’ve ever had.

Adam Turla: No. I’ll put it in my phone. I have a food recommendations list here. (Adam inputs the info into his phone). Cool! I’ll check it out.

Scene Point Blank: What did you want to be when you were a kid?

Adam Turla: It’s funny, I was talking about this earlier with our friends while we were on the beach. I either wanted to be a con artist or Indiana Jones. I kind of am a con artist being in the music business. Laughs.

Scene Point Blank: When did you realize you wanted to make music?

Adam Turla: I got a guitar when I was 14 because my friend got one, and it was just something to do. I never thought this is what I’d be doing. I thought I’d be a world traveller, which, I kind of am on a smaller scale with touring the world.

Scene Point Blank: If you had to work for a Disney villain, who would you prefer?

Adam Turla: Uh, I liked Robin Hood a lot, but sheriff of Nottingham? I dunno, maybe Jafar. He’s got a kick-ass palace. It’d be easy to avoid reprimands. I wouldn’t want to work for a villain. I‘d want to kill him or something. Laughs.

Scene Point Blank: That’s that makes it a difficult question. Laughs.

Adam Turla: That's true. I’m trying to think of Disney movies. Lion King—I’d get to be an animal roaming the safari.

Scene Point Blank: So Scar?

Adam Turla: Yeah, I’d work for Scar.

Scene Point Blank: Thanks for your time. I’ll let you get ready for the show tonight. Playing a bar, I’m sure lots of whiskey will be coming to the stage. Does it ever get annoying or old?

Adam Turla: Not really annoying. It’s just sometimes – like Sarah will say she’ll take it easy because sometimes she’ll wake up with a big headache—but then drinks come to the stage and, you know, what can you do?


Big thanks to Jamie Garabedian at Vagrant for the short notice arrangment of this interview!

Check out our earlier interview with Adam from MBD here!

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Words by Aaron H on March 7, 2011, 4:56 a.m.

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Murder By Death

Posted by Aaron H on March 7, 2011, 4:56 a.m.

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