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Thanks to their awe-inspiring live performances These Arms are Snakes have been leaving fans enamored. Let's not forget the band's fantastic recording catalog either. Three full-lengths and a slew of split recordings have graced us over the years - all showcasing the band's dynamic songwriting and lyrical talents. Scene Point Blank spoke with vocalist Steve Snere during their recent headlining jaunt across the U.S. this Spring.

Scene Point Blank: Hello, would you care to introduce yourself?

Steve Snere: My name is Steve Snere and I sing in These Arms are Snakes.

Scene Point Blank: Awesome! So you've been out on the road for about a week now?

Steve Snere: About a week and a half?for this tour yeah. We did a European tour and then a couple of Westcoast tours before this. But this is the first U.S. tour for the new record that we have done.

Scene Point Blank: So things are full swing for you guys now?

Steve Snere: Well the first week was good, but the last few days, we've all been sick. So once we get rid of that, it'll be full swing.

Scene Point Blank: Being back on the road, what do you miss most about home?

Steve Snere: My bed. My girlfriend. That's about it. Everything else I can deal without.

Scene Point Blank: And what you enjoy most about being on the road?

Steve Snere: Moving around, constantly seeing new places and new things. The band's we're out with are all good guys, so hanging with those guys. It's kind of been nice because we haven't done a U.S. tour in two years.

Scene Point Blank: What differences do you see between the European and U.S. tours?

Steve Snere: Besides the obvious being in Europe. This time around the U.S has been treating us pretty well. The drives are longer here.

Scene Point Blank: First full U.S. for the new album. You already did those coastal tours with Narrows and sBach. What the difference for you between short runs verses longer tours?

Steve Snere: If its just a week, you can just kind of let loose and kind of?not care. But for this one, you have to try and keep your stamina up. We still have four more weeks left, so you have to take care of yourself better? [Coughing]

Scene Point Blank: As it takes its toll on you?

Steve Snere: Yeah, but its good to get it out of the way now.

Scene Point Blank: One thing I've always found unique about These Arms are Snakes is the bands that you choose to take out on tour are not obvious choices. They're either smaller lesser known bands ? to an extent - or bands that you wouldn't really think to place together on a tour together. How'd you come to picking bands this time around?

Steve Snere: I think we like to keep it diverse. We don't like to have the same similar sounding bands all night. All the Saints were interested and then we found out Darker My Love was interested. We thought it was kind of a cool because both of those bands have a side of our band? because I like to think that we're more than just a hardcore band, I mean we are, but with different elements. So they have elements that could fit in with us but not be all the same.

Scene Point Blank: Originally Clouds was supposed to be on the tour?

Steve Snere: They were supposed to be on the full thing. I'm not sure what happened but they weren't' about to do it. I think everything is fine with them though.

Scene Point Blank: You released the album late last year on your new label Suicide Squeeze Records. Going into that record you had previously released albums with Jade Tree. Were you guys already working on the new album before you signed with the label or did you start up after signing?

Steve Snere: I think that we had some songs written and we got out of the Jade Tree thing, which was good for us. From there we talked to David and worked things out and went into recording the record. Things have been really good with them and they're awesome.

Scene Point Blank: When I interviewed Minus the Bear a few months back they had nothing but great things to say of Suicide Squeeze. They mentioned it was the appeal of them being a local label but on a grander scale. Your thoughts?

Steve Snere: Totally. I think that's one the reasons why Past Lives, a band on the label, pushed us towards them. Having a local connection is great on so many different levels. If you need more records, you can go get them. If you need to talk, you can just meet up and discuss whatever and hangout. They come to your shows. It's a lot more community based than dealing with a label on another coast. So it has a lot more perks.

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Words by Michael on Oct. 16, 2010, 11:05 a.m.

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Posted by Michael on Oct. 16, 2010, 11:05 a.m.

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