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These Arms Are Snakes

Words: Michael • October 16, 2010

Scene Point Blank: You have some new splits that have just come out and some more that are in the works. Can you shed some light on those?

Steve Snere: We're supposed to have one with Minus the Bear coming out, but they haven't done their side yet. We have one just came out with Russian Circles, a 12". There is the one with Tropics from the U.K and the one we did with Pelican. And we have one with All the Saints, which will be out soon, I think we get those next week.

Scene Point Blank: How'd the Pelican split come about?

Steve Snere: They re-recorded a song of theirs and had a band remix it and then we went on tour with them. And the last show of that tour we played the song together as one big band. So Hydra Head had this idea to do a split 10". So there is that song and we re-recorded one of our songs from our EP and sent it to them.

Scene Point Blank: How'd you pick the song?

Steve Snere: I can't remember. We didn't' want a song that would be too obvious. It was song that seemed like it could work for them, but they could add more shit to it. You know?

Scene Point Blank: And the Minus the Bear split, you're both doing covers. How'd you choose that song?

Steve Snere: Well, we could have done a classic rock song or something like that, but we decided to do a more punk band, so we picked this band Lost Sounds. Our friend Alicja was in that band, they played with us the last time we were here - her new band, that is. And so we did "Energy Drink and the Long Walk Home." It's a rad song and we wanted to cover it.

Scene Point Blank: They're a band that I had never really heard, and I think that's what makes covering them such a good choice. To choose a less obvious choice is awesome. I mean you could have picked something like Fugazi or The Jesus Lizard?

Steve Snere: Or we could have done a Led Zeppelin song but we didn't. I mean they were only around not long ago too. I love that band.

Scene Point Blank: It says a lot more about you guys to pick a song like that.

Steve Snere: Yeah, we have broader musical tastes than what some might think.

Scene Point Blank: Speaking of vinyl, you've been doing a lot of releases ? particularly 7"s - lately. Do you have plans to pursue this more?

Steve Snere: Totally. I enjoy vinyl. And we're selling way more vinyl on this tour than CD's. It's unreal. Seven inches are just kind of fun, as opposed of full records. They're a moment in time where as a full record is a long period put together. But for vinyl, it's just kind of fun for people that like our music to have something to collect.

Scene Point Blank: Paint it Black is a band that is choosing to do a seven inch releases instead of a full record as they called it a return to what defined the genre: the six-song seven inch.

Steve Snere: Exactly. And that works for them. I feel like when we write a record, I like to make an album, with one big idea. And with those things [7's] they always sound different. They're a little more aggressive and different? and you get another side of things.

Scene Point Blank: Definitely But what's cool is there is still that diversity with the last full-length. And that's something that I found to make it so unique. Each album grows and grows, and this one had such a wide spectrum, but they all fit together so well.

Steve Snere: And that's always kind of been the idea. For this one most of the songs were all written, where as with the other ones there was pieces that we needed to hammer out in the studio. It's a bit more cohesive because it was all written together.

Scene Point Blank: What's it been like working in the studio with Chris as an inside influence?

Steve Snere: This is the second time with Chris and we also had done a bunch of the splits with him in the studio. But it's usually always good. He has to play both parts ? as a musician and the producer - so you have to be careful with that.

Scene Point Blank: It's probably tougher for him.

Steve Snere: So we all have to watch ourselves and just work together. This last time around it was all really smooth. We just aimed to not stress him out and do it.

Scene Point Blank: I know the other guys in the band have their various projects, just curious if you have anything else.?

Steve Snere: I have some ideas and I've been working on stuff. I don't have anything dead set but I definitely have plans to do something, even if it's a seven-inch. I'm not sure where I'm going to go with it, but I do have some ideas. I think when I do it, I feel like I just want it to be me and one other person. And no giant amps to carry? [Laughing]

Scene Point Blank: What in store after the tour?

Steve Snere: We're talking of doing a Scandinavian thing, but no huge plans as of right now.

Words: Michael | Graphics: Matt | Photos: Renee McMahon

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