Features Music 2009: SPB's Top EPs

Music: 2009: SPB's Top EPs

Scene Point Blank's Top 15 EP's Of 2009

SPB Top EP 200915. Paint It Black - Surrender (Fat Wreck Chords)

The second release by ex-Lifetime's Dan's Paint it Black. The band's goal is to write catchy songs with being melodic and it works. As always, Paint it Black is a fast furious slab of 80's stylied hardcore that will without a doubt get caught in your cranium for weeks to come. (Jason)

SPB Top EP 200914. Cave In - Planets Of Old (Hydra Head)

The hiatus of Cave In was a hard pill to swallow but thankfully 2009 brought this shape-shifting musical colossus back to us. Anytime I listen to Planets of Old I grow a huge smile on my face. I can't wait for more material to surface in 2010. (Michael)

SPB Top EP 200913. Crooked Ways - Crimes Of Passion (Last Anthem)

Speaking of melodic hardcore (can't you tell I love the stuff?) Here's a band from Colorado that does it just right. Crooked Ways is a mix of Stretch Arm Strong and Ignite. Catchy heartfelt sing-a-longs with just a smidgen of mosh to make the kids do that crazy dance they do. (Jason)

SPB Top EP 200912. The Lawrence Arms - Buttsweat And Tears (Fat Wreck Chords)

It took way to long for them to put out some new material, but I was very satisfied with this EP and that's not just because I'm a fanboy. These are some of the best songs the band has ever recorded as they continue to sing their usual anthems of apathy, exhaustion and alcoholism. Also nice to have The Lawrence Arms having a mellower sound on a few songs, as that element seemed to be missing on 2006's Oh! Calcutta!. Makes me even more excited for their next record. (Corey)

SPB Top EP 200911. Make Do And Mend - Bodies Of Water (Panic)

Wonderful melodic post-hardcore from the Eastcoast, Make Do and Mend bring us another dose of beer-soaked intensity. "Our Own Ebb and Flow" is easily the best song the group has written, and these guys are among the few that execute this style well. (Campbell)

SPB Top EP 200910. Coalesce - Ox (Relapse)

Coalesce shows that they might just be at the top of their game with another strong record and spoils listeners with their second record this year. Ox succeeds in many ways, one of the most important which is that this batch of songs sounds just as good and is a great companion to the full-length. (Bob)

SPB Top EP 20099. Black Breath - Razor To Oblivion (Southern Lord)

This is so metal that I wish I had a jean jacket and hung out in parking lots. (Jason)

SPB Top EP 20098. The Rival Mob - Raw Life (Lockin' Out)

Lockin' Out Records can do no wrong in my book. They continually provide reasons for this. After a stirring demo and about a ton of Internet hype this one hit. It hits hard with the fury of an early NYHC band. These eight songs tear through in short time and stay embedded in the listeners skull. With the strength of this EP they have proven themselves and hopefully will continue in this vein for their LP. (Jon)

SPB Top EP 20097. Bane - Boston 6:58 PM (Triple B)

Bane is yet another band who as veterans in the scene haven't been producing much lately. Basically silent since The Note, I was starting to wonder if they were ever going to release new material. And look what we got. Honestly some of the best songs they've recorded. I mean seriously, was there something in the water this year? It seems that everyone that released multiple EP's this year instead of proper albums have been rejuvenated. Plus, props for creating the most hyped song prior to release, "The Young and the Restless", aka The Dragon song. Kids were losing their shit because Bane was singing a song seemingly about dragons. The hype paid off. (Zach)

SPB Top EP 20096. Capital - Blind Faith (Iron Pier/Jus a Audial)

After releasing a full-length two years prior Capital returned with a brand new 7" of high octane melodic hardcore. Tommy Corrigan and company might be the best-kept secret in hardcore. With a new LP on the horizon in 2010 I am eagerly sitting on the edge of my seat. (Michael)

SPB Top EP 20095. Jesu - Opiate Sun (Caldo Verde)

Jesu at possibly their most accessible. One of their better releases and strongest in a while (by that I mean three months), Opiate Sun may or may not be a hint of things to come. (Bob)

SPB Top EP 20094. End Of A Year - End Of A Year (Deathwish Inc.)

This elusive but surprisingly prolific band doesn't get enough credit for their DC-heavy sound. The five-minute "Walter Miller Jr." is a simple melodic track that might be one of their best, and their distinctively careless demeanor towards musical trends is very refreshing. Be on the lookout for You Are Beneath Me, their recently recorded full-length that should see the light of day soon. (Campbell)

SPB Top EP 20093. The Hope Conspiracy - True Nihilist (Deathwish Inc.)

The Hope Conspiracy returns with quite possibly the best songs of their career. I for one wasn't as impressed with Death Knows Your Name; it's hard to follow up Endnote. Every time I listen to True Nihilist though, I want to circle pit, destroy my apartment, and kick babies in the face. That's what they were aiming for, right? (Zach)

SPB Top EP 20092. Paint It Black - Amnesia (Bridge Nine)

I felt that Amnesia was the stronger of the two Paint It Black EPs released this year if not solely for the fact that "Salem" and "Bliss" are two of the best songs the band has ever recorded. "Salem" is the standout of the EP with its solemn lyrics and the dark vibe that it gives off. The rest of the EP is Paint It Black doing what they do best, and it ends perfectly with the melodic touch that "Bliss" brings. (Corey)

SPB Top EP 20091. Withdrawal - Unknown Misery (Wendigo)

Withdrawal is hands down the best new band I've heard in hardcore. Withdrawal offers straight up 90's metallic hardcore with a heavy Integrity influence but also faint influences from across the music spectrum. I want noting more than to hear more from this band in 2010. (Michael)

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Words by the SPB team on Oct. 16, 2010, 11:05 a.m.

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