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Year End 2018

Music: 2018: A Year In Review

As is traditional, we highlight some of the best non-album releases of 2018, plus a bunch more things. After you've checked out our favorite albums of the year, read this list to find out the best EPs that you missed, the strangest albums of the year, most-read reviews, non-punk/metal albums... and the top five saddest Infinity War deaths. You read that correctly.

Best EPs and split-records

Next to a shitload of darkness in my yearlist I also listened to some EPs and splits this year. I handpicked the ten best ones I’ve listened to this year and you will notice this list is a lot sunnier. Let me be honest with you: when I started this list I was only looking for EPs. Then I realised that one of the best things I heard this year is not on my yearlist, as it is a split record. So I cheated and included split albums in this list. Enough about breaking your own rules though: on with the list!

  1. Fluisteraars / Turia

    De Oord (Eisenwald Tonschmiede)

    Two Dutch black metal bands combine their forces on this brilliant split album. With only two songs this clocks in around 30 minutes. That should give you an idea of the type of black played here.

  2. Neighborhood Brats

    Night Shift (Taken By Surprise Records)

    I absolutely love this EP. I thought the band had quit and then this pops up. Strange enough I completely missed that their second album is released a couple of months ago.

  3. Tache

    Tache (TV Police Records)

    This band from Belgium plays old school punk. 70’s, early 80’s old school. It’s incredibly catchy and it’s really a shame this EP is over after only four songs. Gimme more!

  4. Rotterdam Ska Jazz Foundation ft. Bosco

    Big Horns (WTF Records)

    The second Dutch entry on this list. This is a really nice and catchy ska jazz release. Is it possible to combine the relaxed vibe of jazz with upbeat ska madness. Yes, it is! RSJF are here to prove it!

  5. Tragedy

    Fury (Tragedy Records)

    Darker Days Ahead was a bit disappointing. It's not a bad record, I feel it is just cannot compete with the brilliance that came before it. It’s been quiet a few years, but here’s a nice sign of life from these crusties. And the best thing: it is a return to form!

  6. Sun-0-Bathers

    Local Warming (Morning Wood Records)

    This is an ode to 90s skate punk. It’s done exactly right. Listen to this and you’ll want to grab your board and ride!

  7. The Number Ones

    Another Side of The Number Ones (Static Shock Records)

    I just loved this bands take on powerpop on their debut LP. The only thing: it was too short! A few years later and here’s four more tracks that would seamlessly fit on their debut. And still… I want more… GIMME!

  8. Superhero Status

    Escape The Herd (WTF Records)

    Another band from Belgium. Superhero Status are basically an ode to H2O. Nothing groundbreaking, just good old hardcore punk fun.

  9. Boygenius

    Boygenius (Matador)

    When Phoebe Bridgers and Julian Baker, two of my favorite singer songwriters team up with Lucy Dacus you may consider that a supergroup, I guess. Usually I am disappointed by supergroups. Not this time though. This is same brilliant stuff.

  10. Distillator / Space Chaser

    Split (This Charming Man Records)

    Perhaps I am more chauvinistic than I thought. Distillator is the fourth item on this list with Dutch roots. This split contains some good old thrashy speed metal. Both bands have a slightly different take on the genre which makes for an entertaining ride. Warning: this is contagious stuff!

- Dennis

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Words by the SPB team on Jan. 2, 2019, 12:41 p.m.

Main photo by Regan Walsh.

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Our summary of the best music (and more) of 2018.

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