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Top 5 Saddest Infinity War Deaths and Dustings

Say what you want about how tired you are of "superhero" movies or how Marvel/Disney are dominating the box office, but you can't deny that Avengers: Infinity War became the movie event of the year. Marvel have pushed themselves to the forefront of popular culture and it's not exactly something you can ignore. For many people, Infinity War was the culmination of 10 years of movies coming together. For others, it was the movie you couldn't miss for "fomo." Throw me into the "been with it for 10 years" demographic. I'm well aware that "no one stays dead in comics." The movies won't be any different, but that doesn't mean you can't feel anything when a character you've become invested in is suddenly gone. These are my top 5 saddest deaths and dustings from Infinity War. Spoilers obviously.

  1. Groot

    The Giving Tree

    I know this one will probably stir up some controversy. Let me explain why Groot hit the hardest. It mostly stems (no pun intended) from Rocket's reaction and point-of-view. This is the second time he has had to lose Groot. If you're unaware, in the first Guardians of the Galaxy, Groot sacrifices himself to save the others. The Groot that emerges from Rocket's flower pot at the end is not the same Groot. It's a newborn that now views Rocket as his father figure. The Russos revealed that Groot's last words in Infinity War translate into "Dad." That's pretty rough.

  2. Spider-Man/Peter Parker

    The New Avenger

    This is most likely the one a majority of viewers believed to be hardest to swallow. I won't argue that. It's pretty neck-and-neck. Tom Holland does a great job of selling his confusion and fear of what's happening. The darkest aspect of Spider-Man's dusting is that due to his spider-sense, he feels it coming well before it happens, unlike the others. His death is only brought down harder when you remember the excitement he feels to finally be dubbed an Avenger only to die on his first day. Oh yeah, being a kid doesn't help.

  3. Loki

    The God of Mischief

    Loki is less sad and more shocking, as it comes at the start of the film. It sets the tone for the rest of the movie. The brutal way he goes made it a little hard to watch. It's probably more of my view on horrible ways to die. Being choked out and then eventually cracking the neck seems like such an incredibly horrible way to die. Loki's character had had the villainous role for most of his time in the movies. His death came at the cost of a last ditch effort to redeem himself and save his brother's life.  

  4. Vision

    The Sacrifice

    I know I know I know. No one seems to really care about Vision. He spent most of the movie sitting on the bench. Allow me to explain why his death was monumental. Him dying twice in the same movie has little to do with it. Having to be destroyed by the love of his life was a little trite. The reason Vision has an effect is that he's essentially the only character to die that had been there from the beginning. It bummed me out to think I'd spent 10 years hearing Paul Bettany's voice, at first through Iron Man's mask and then as Vision, only to have it be gone. Having the stone ripped straight from his cranium was pretty ruthless too.

  5. Falcon


    No one really seems to care about Falcon and he's completely alone when he gets dusted.  Will he even be missed?

Aaron H

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Words by the SPB team on Jan. 2, 2019, 12:41 p.m.

Main photo by Regan Walsh.

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