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Year End 2018

Music: Pass The Mic: Artists and labels on 2018

It's the end of the year, but before we tell you what we think the best albums and musical moments of 2018 were, we've handed over the pen (cursor?) to the people who make our scene what it is—the artists and labels—to tell us how they found the year in music, their upcoming releases, and their take on the perennial issue of digital versus physical media. Here's a few choice excerpts:

Tobias Jeg (Red Scare Industries)

Brendan Kelly just told me that he has a covers EP coming, and I don’t think I’m supposed to talk about that, but it’s such a goddamn squirrelly idea, I’m not sure how to handle it.

Terence (The Holy Circle/Axebreaker/Locrian)

I think the future is going to be boring and artists will never make enough money to sustain their practice. I hope I'm wrong, but it will be an endless line of people taking credit and money and being cooler than the people who create it.

Josh/Donna (Homosuperior)

I didn't discover any new bands, but I did finally get my passport and got to travel out of the country. I plan on doing that a lot more often as everything in the US goes to shit. 

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Words by Loren on Dec. 22, 2018, 1:54 p.m.

Main photo by Montecruz Foto.

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Series: Year End 2018

Our summary of the best music (and more) of 2018.

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