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2019: A Year In Review

January 7, 2020

2019: A Year In Review
2019: A Year In Review

The best EP's and splits of 2019 according to Dennis



La Mort Triomphante (Big Bad Wolf Records)

Is it because I have seen this band live that I like this EP so much? I do not know. What I do know is that particular EP has been on heavy rotation. So much that it really deserves the title: best EP of 2019! What you get here is nothing more than a blast from the past. There is nothing innovative or new about the furious speed metal Sacrifizer is playing. It is really, really addictive though.


Loud Love

Loud Love (White Russian Records)

I really enjoy this type of emotional and melodic hardcore. What it needs to really shine is a singer with a voice that can drag you into the music. Loud Love has exactly that. This EP really is too short. Gimme more!


Moloch / Groak

Split EP (Dry Cough)

In my review I predicted that this would be a split that I would come back to occasionally. That is a prediction that came true. I still prefer the Moloch side of the split. Both bands have released monstruos tracks. Great and dark stuff!



Demands / Onkel (Through Love Records, Luxury, Run For Cover Records)

January 2019 this Swedish band released an EP (or should I call this a single?) that impressed me so much I bought their last to full lengths together with this 7”. Their post-punk sound is really direct, catchy and dark. Check it out if post-punk is or could be your thing.


Agent Blå

Morning Thoughts (Luxury, Through Love Records)

Discogs labels this as a full length album. I don’t. So sue me! Ha! This Swedish bands first album was a bit rougher than this (but still very polished). I would say they shifted from post-punk with dream-pop influences to a band playing dream-pop with post-punk influences. I really need to be in the right mood to be able to listen to this EP, but that’s me. Great stuff again!

- Dennis

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— the SPB team • January 7, 2020

Main calendar photo by Hana Loftus.

2019: A Year In Review
2019: A Year In Review

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