Features Music Scene Point Blank's Favorites: The Year So Far (July 2008)

Music: Scene Point Blank's Favorites: The Year So Far (July 2008)

Top Five Shows I?m Missing Because The World Is Against Me:

  1. 7/9 - Boris, Torche, and Clouds @ First Unitarian Church - Philadelphia, PA

  2. If Boris played everything off of Amplifier Worship I'd be extremely upset to have missed it. I'm missing this show because I'll be in an airport in D.C. about to fly to Europe.

  3. 7/16 - Mewithoutyou Maps & Atlases, and Gasoline Heart @ Ottobar - Baltimore, MD

  4. I've seen Mewithoutyou in many different settings and the intimate ones were by far the best. The Ottobar isn't huge, but it isn't the smallest place I've been to either. Maps & Atlases are from the Westcoast, so I don't know if they'll tour in the East again anytime soon. I want to see how the fuck the guitarist plays the songs they've written; it's almost entirely done by "tapping" so it'd be an awesome viewing/learning experience. Once again, missing this show due to travels in Europe.

  5. 7/30-8/12 - La Quiete U.S. Tour

  6. I probably wouldn't have made the 2,700-mile roundtrip to see them, but it would be amazing to see this Italian band perform. I hope they decide to journey to the Eastcoast in the near future, because I know for a fact the band puts a ton of energy into their shows.

  7. 8/12 - Radiohead and Grizzly Bear @ The Susquehanna Bank Center - Camden, NJ

  8. The show is sold out except for tickets on eBay, where people are starting off bids at $70. Who knows how much I would have to spend in order to attend. I've given up hope, because I don't feel like spending hundreds of dollars on the tickets/parking/travel/food.

  9. 8/?? - Aussitôt Mort U.S. Tour

  10. Their U.S. tour was cancelled but their new LP, Montuenga, drops this month. Ever since this French group announced that they'd be touring the States (back in the Spring of 2007) I've been set on seeing them. Just a few weeks ago they announced that they had to 'abort' their tour.


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